Keep yourself lookin’ mighty fine…and serve the next Wendy’s training video with a smile!

As I’ve said, re-introducing these Wendy’s videos to Pop Culture Retrorama readers has become redundant by this point.  They pretty much introduce themselves, but there’s a chance we may have new readers.  They need to know this information, and see the links for the articles, right?

So for all the new readers – and our dedicated readership – I’ve covered the preparation and serving of hot drinks, cold drinks, and how to properly grill an ol-fayshioned hamburger the Wendy’s way.  It is a world of late 1980s and early 1990s Michael Jackson and Paula Abdul-esque songs, along with a Billy Ray Cyrus/1980s Hip Hop training method.

That method comes complete with some fly dance moves and the Sparkly Wendy’s Crew Member Shirt.

Last time, I realized I forgot to include another video in the “Wendy’s Way of Training” – the serving of special items – chili, cookies, milk, and the Glorious Frosty.

Screenshot (255)

All of the videos employ flashy visuals and then current-sounding music, all in an effort to obviously relate to their younger employee base.  Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul, Billy Ray Cyrus, 1980s Hip Hop…available to Wendy’s in the form of third rate counterparts.

I mean, is there a first rate counterpart to Billy Ray Cyrus?

Don’t ponder that – your head may hurt from overthinking.

Anyway, this training video – the last in the series of videos I’ve looked at, is another short snippet of training that really only strives to use song and splashy visuals to get its point across.  The major points have been covered in the two previous videos about drinks, but this one is the cherry on top.

The tone, song-wise – deviates from the songs of the other videos – and drops a gospel choir beat on us.  This one reminds us that we gotta look our best (which is nothing less than “mighty fine”), handle customers our best, and that we’ve…

“Gotta Serve The Drinks!”

Upload via John Crowley

Always say a “thank you,” and keep your area clean – you can make that baby shine!

And, I’m done.  Unless there is a Wendy’s training video out there I haven’t encountered yet.  I don’t see any more videos, so it is probably time for me to move on and find some new gainful employment, with the added perk of training videos!

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