Friends, when Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released to theaters back on June 22nd of ’88 – this was one of the rare occasions where I asked my Father to drop me off to see the movie. At that time I wasn’t able to drive and due to his work schedule if he didn’t want to see a film, that would be a movie I wasn’t going to see until it hit VHS. With Who Framed Roger Rabbit though, considering my love of animation and classic cartoon characters – this was something I just couldn’t miss watching in theaters.

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I was very, very happy with Who Framed Roger Rabbit – not only for it’s fictional glimpse of the Golden Age of Hollywood but also a World where so many of my favorite cartoon characters resided together. Plus the addition of seeing Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny interact or the likes of Daffy and Donald Duck performing a madcap and aggressive piano act at the Ink & Paint Club. Or the fact that veteran voice actors were given the chance to shine once again – in particular Mae Questel as Betty Boop, who voiced the character from 1930 until 1939 in over 150 cartoon shorts.

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And while I was able to get a few pieces of merchandise related to the film, such as an original copy of Gary K. Wolf’s Who Censored Roger Rabbit? that the movie was adapted from – I missed out on some stuff. Case in point this read-along book and cassette that was produced by Buena Vista, I believe that at this point the records had been phased out. Much like with the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade book and cassette I shared earlier this month – the Who Framed Roger Rabbit offering features a celebrity too – in this case it is Charles Fleischer who lent his voice to the titular character from the film.

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While in the 1988 film itself Fleischer voice multiple characters such as Benny the Cab, as well as Greasy and Psycho, two of the five Weasels that make up the Toon Patrol – in the comments section of the video it has been said that he also voiced the other Weasels for this reading. And even though I’ve not found a source online to back up the statement, in that same comment it is said that Bob Holt (Wizards, The Lorax) lent his voice to the characters of Eddie Valiant, Judge Doom, and R.K. Maroon. With Tress MacNeille (The Simpsons, Animaniacs) being credited as the voice for Jessica Rabbit in this 1988 read-along book and cassette!

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