Because I already live it, why not…make it?

Usually my contributions to Pop Culture Retrorama take us to the obscure, the research-heavy, and sometimes very gender-specific nostalgia.  But I’ve been inspired by my hobby of crafting to create something with a personal effect.

I love nostalgia, and as much as I love it, I live it – through writing and through my television, movie, and music preferences.  I love the idea of “living in the past,” while maintaining a healthy balance with living in the present.

Recently, the desire to create home decor that I couldn’t find in stores led me to buying a Cricut Air Explore 2.  And while I initially made stuff strictly for home decor, I took it a step further and just started making stuff.

Characters, symbols, designs that people love – I create it all.  I make decals that look great on laptops (your personal ones – don’t stick them to work-provided laptops, please!), cell phone cases, car windows, windows, ceramics mugs, desks, and binders.  I make large decals that look great on walls.  I’ve painted on watercolor paper using vinyl as a template, on canvas from stencils, and I’ve decorated mugs.  I’ve discovered this amazing gift for creating in a way I hadn’t really believed I could.  While I’m not an artist, it turns out I’m quite good at creating a design that works.  I’ve also discovered I enjoy painting (from created stencils), and have created a few really simple works of art.

“Allison’s Creative Vinyls” is Born!

Be Creative

With all of this created stuff in my home office just screaming to be presented, I created a Facebook page as a portfolio, Allison’s Creative Vinyls, and well, it took off as a tiny business.

Granted, I’m in the earliest stages of making my vinyls something special, but I’ve had a few sales. I’ve been called upon for custom projects, as well as things I’ve displayed.  Started as a way to just keep myself busy and focused during these trying times (I’m furloughed until my office reopens, whenever that is), I’ve spent several hours a few days a week just creating – looking for designs, cutting vinyl, painting.  It has been alot of fun, and admittedly, I’ve got alot of stuff to show for it.

My ultimate goal is to keep this as a hobby crossed with a “word of mouth”-style business, but never to the point where it isn’t fun, or detracts from everything else.  I love working and my full-time job – that is what pays the bills – but crafting, creating, and making a sale here and there is keeping me well-stocked in craft supplies.

So, where does the nostalgia come in?

Well, I’ve got a pretty cool display of nostalgic decals!

Creating Nostalgia!

For my love of Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid…

Belle and Ariel

Belle Blue

Belle Yellow

Ariel Purple

And because everyone loves Transformers…

This was drawn on printable vinyl (by the Cricut) and painted with paint brush markers. The oval was cut on the Cricut.

Autobots Security

Autobots, roll out!

Autobots Symbol



And of course, Optimus Prime!

Optimus Prime

Who you gonna call?


Sanrio’s favorite hairbow-clad girl/kitty.

Truly outrageous!


Do you like superheroes?



(These turned out so cool!)

I have one of these on my Surface tablet!


Magic (and mischief!) are in this hat!

Sorcerer Mickey Maroon

Princess of Power, and my custom mug.

Some cool Turtles!

Ninja Turtles

Even Link wouldn’t know which Triforce to claim!


Art Pieces!

And since I said I do a little painting…

Mjolnir Painting

Mickey Painting

This one is my favorite painting so far – a combination of paintbrush markers, fine point markers, and vinyl on watercolor paper.  This turned out so good!

Kirby Link

And this isn’t even the extent of what I’ve created so far!  I’ve got Star Wars vinyls (I’ve sold a few of them), mermaids, unicorns, flamingos, pineapples, and flip flops.  And I’m always creating! As long as the inspiration is there, I’m making stuff!

Upcoming Project

I actually just got something super cool as an early wedding anniversary present…


(I added the “hot stuff” decal.)

…and now the potential to make shirts for my creativity just got real.

I also have Infusible Ink Markers, and I’m going to make my first project with the EasyPress, a “personality bag,” which is a canvas bag with different designs of things that fit my interests and personality.

I also started this mug – my first using printable vinyl.

Screenshot (241)

I just have to put the words (cut on traditional vinyl) on the other side of the mug, but Rainbow Brite is already on there.  The best part about printable vinyl is that once it is printed on a traditional printer, the ink has fused to the vinyl, and the Cricut cuts these more complex images that regular vinyl couldn’t do justice for, because seriously, Rainbow Brite not being all rainbow just wouldn’t be the same.

The Facebook page link that I provided gives a complete look at everything I’ve made so far.  Not a ton of stuff, but I’m just starting out!

Thanks for humoring me, and looking at my projects! 🙂


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Writer, dancer, geek, with a day job as a Medical Receptionist. Lover of the written word, geek of the nostalgia, crafter of the vinyl, reader, blogger, wife to James. I also love baseball, football (NY Yankees and Giants), dogs (especially my furbabies Chi Chi and Talia, and fur angel Daisy), bad movies, good movies, Thor, Rainbow Brite, and Jem. And if you want to know anything about me:

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