Friends, there are a few things in this great big World that I love more than the Monster Cereals by General Mills – it is something that brings me quite a bit of joy to find on the store shelves during this Holiday season. My devotion to Boo Berry, Franken Berry, and Count Chocula has caused more than a few raised eyebrows, when I wheel my cart full of the cereal to the check out counter every year. When all is said and done I suppose it is just part of my annual October ritual – although I must be totally truthful in pointing out that I personally think Boo Berry is the best of all three Monster Cereals. Back in the day when I was writing for the Retroist – it was always interesting to see how passionate the readership was for their favorite Monster Cereals.

Growing up a Monster Kid, I obviously was attracted to anything that resembled my cinematic monster friends – in particular the Universal Monsters. I might very well be wrong, but I remember the likes of Franken Berry, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry being available all year round. Having said that though – I will admit that the way General Mills releases them these days – it does make it feel more like a special event, right?

Speaking of special events, how does the opportunity to win one of three Monster Cereal busts strike you? Because you totally have that chance thanks to General Mills Monster Cereal Sweepstakes – who are going to be giving out a bust crafted by Karlee Morse (The Boys, In the Tall Grass) this season!

Video and Article Image Provided by General Mills.

As mentioned in that YouTube video as well as on the Taste of General Mills blog:

“For your chance to win one of the three Monster Cereal busts, visit the General Mills Instagram account, “like” the official Monster Cereal Sweepstakes post and tell us which Monster from our Monster Cereals is your favorite in the comments, using the hashtag #MonsterCerealSweepstakes.”

In addition, you can watch Karlee Morse at work on the busts for Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Franken Berry in this behind the scenes video.

Video Provided by General Mills.

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