Friends, the other evening before work I happened to be wandering through my local Barnes and Noble – I stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes fell on this Little Golden Book for 1982’s The Dark Crystal. My Wife and myself are both huge fans of not just the late and great Jim Henson as well as the works of The Jim Henson Company – but in particular we are both extremely fond of The Dark Crystal and especially the recent Netflix TV series. In addition over the years we have been lucky enough to add Funko Pops, graphic novels, action figures, busts, and plushies to our collection of The Dark Crystal collectibles. So I suppose what I am trying to say is – there was no way we were leaving the book store without purchasing this Little Golden Book.

All Images Property of Little Golden Book/Penguin Random House
Art by: Bill Robinson – Written by Jocelyn Lange.

Interestingly enough, this Little Golden Book was actually released back in September of 2019 – it is written by Jocelyn Lange and features illustrations by Bill Robinson. I am under the impression The Dark Crystal is the first Little Golden Book for Lange with Robinson having worked on two Disney Junior Vampirina titles. As you might imagine, this Little Golden Book retells an abbreviated version of events from the cult classic 1982 film – while understandably avoiding some of the more scarier parts of the film for a younger reader.

It’s pretty amazing we live in a time where we can turn the corner of our favorite book store or even grocery store and find the likes of Masters of the Universe, Star Wars, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, and of course Dark Crystal Little Golden Books, right?

So if you too are a big fan of The Dark Crystal you might want to keep your eyes peeled the next time you are visiting your local book store – perhaps after 37 years you too can take home the Little Golden Book adaptation?

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