Friends, I was visiting a local grocery store the other day and upon heading to the check out aisle I stopped in my tracks. There was a small spinner racks filled with all manner of Little Golden Books – as I was passing by something had caught my eye – backing up a couple of steps I was quite astonished to see a Masters of the Universe Little Golden Book. Please let that sink in for just a couple of minutes – in 2019 – a brand new Little Golden Book was published based off He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!

If I am being honest I will admit my favorite version of He-Man is what was presented in those original mini-comics packaged with the toys. A more medieval – sword and sorcery version of the character – when he was a barbarian and possessed multiple harnesses offering him different powers. Now do not get me wrong, when it comes to the Masters of the Universe I love all versions of the characters – I just think there was something so very special about those original mini-comics, written by Don Glut and illustrated by Alfredo Alcala!

Video Provide by Mr. Magonagai‘s YouTube Channel.

I took a few moments and flipped through I Am He-Man! – this new Little Golden Book and then immediately placed it in my shopping cart and headed back to the check out aisle. I Am He-Man! was written by Frank Berrios and illustrated by Shane Clester, it is a wonderful retelling of the intro of the Filmation animated series – although it goes further than that. As this Little Golden Book offering also explains to youngsters the connection between He-Man and She-Ra – not to mention facts like the Sorceress can transform into the mighty Zoar!

Video Provided by Retrontario‘s YouTube Channel.

It appears that both Clester and Berrios are well known for their charming Little Golden Book offerings – having worked on the likes of the Star Trek, Avengers, Black Panther, DC Super Friends and many other properties. And while I didn’t pick it up on that trip to the grocery store I am very happy to say there is also I Am She-Ra! and in the near future there will be I Am Skeletor! as well.

A nice and rather unexpected discovery from just popping on down to the grocery store to pick up some bread and milk, right?

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