Friends, I can say in all honesty that on the night of August 27th of 1993 – having asked off for work and obtaining a large pepperoni pizza for the event, I was sitting in front of my television and watching the premiere of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. on the local Fox affiliate. How could I miss the likes of Bruce Campbell, the star of the Evil Dead trilogy, finally getting a television series of his very own? Throw in the fact that the series had elements of The Wild Wild West and rather steampunk aesthetics and I was totally hooked – although as it turned out I was in the minority of folks who embraced the series. In the end after 27 episodes the series was cancelled by Fox who felt they should focused their efforts on the TV series that aired after The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. – a little science fiction/monster of the week show called The X-Files.

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I have no doubt that the executives at Fox felt that The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. would be the breakout series for their channel – and truthfully the show did do very well in the beginning. I’ve read online that John McNamara, the writer of seven of the episodes, believed that the show would have done better had it not been aired on Friday evenings. In addition I recall the show getting in a little hot water over the perceived level of violence and even what at that the time was considered risque sexuality for prime time television.

I can still remember that feeling of shock on reading in the USA Today that The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. had been cancelled after it’s first season ended. At least I was lucky enough to have a few VHS tapes filled with recorded episodes to hold me over until it was released on DVD back in 2006.

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Earlier this afternoon I was contacted by Earl Green with some pretty incredible news – thanks to House Seats we are getting The Brisco County Jr. Reunion: Back in the Saddle event. Apparently airing on July 31st at 8 pm Eastern Time – this will be a live table reading of the pilot episode for The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. It will reunite Campbell with his fellow cast members Kelly Rutherford (Melrose Place), Christian Clemenson (Apollo 13), John Pyper-Ferguson (Unforgiven), and Carlton Cuse – who was co-creator in addition to the showrunner. You can secure your ticket for the Brisco County Jr. Reunion by following that link up above – tickets are going for $12.50.

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