Friends, I have talked about my love of The Prisoner television show in past articles and podcasts over the years, something about the 1967 science fiction/spy thriller which was co-created and starred Patrick McGoohan (Braveheart) really clicked with me. It might have had a little something to do with the fact that my Father would continuously tell me about the show while I was growing up, the ambiguity of the actual meaning of the series made it seem incredibly fascinating. It was after High School though when I was working at a mom and pop video store that I learned the cult classic TV show was being offered on VHS by Columbia House. As I had disposable income at that time in my life I quickly signed up and wound up purchasing all 17 episodes of The Prisoner, and while I have most assuredly picked up the series on both DVD as well as Blu-ray over the years, I’ve managed to hold onto those Columbia House video cassettes out of a sense of nostalgia.

VIDEO PROVIDED BY Consumer Time Capsule.

After watching “The Arrival”, the groundbreaking first episode of The Prisoner, I was absolutely hooked and did my level best to share it with friends and even co-workers. Although much like when the series originally aired it was met with varying degrees of acceptance, from outright ridicule to thankfully a few seeing what made the show so amazing.


For such a remarkable cult television series however it has always been a little shocking how little official merchandise has been produced for fans to purchase. While there have been numerous books on the creation of the show as well as a few comic books, novelizations, soundtracks, and of course clothing based on the series for fans to pick up… what has really been missing is an action figure line.

With the subject matter of The Prisoner TV series, you can understand why toy manufacturers weren’t exactly beating down the door in 1967. But thanks to the Kickstarter by Wandering Planet Toys, one that has already been fully funded I should add, we can finally add multiple plastic versions of McGoohan’s Number 6 to our shelves – to say nothing of obtaining the nightmarish Rover and of course the Eric Portman version of Number 2.


Make sure to check out the Kickstarter which has 37 days left for you to find time to back the project. There are multiple levels of pledges from a single Number 6 action figure to a two-pack set based off of the episode entitled “The Schizoid Man”. Wandering Planet Toys has pointed out that these officially licensed action figures for The Prisoner are just the first wave, hopefully this Kickstarter will be a massive success and we might see even more iconic Number 2’s or perhaps a two-pack set based on the episode “Living in Harmony”?


If you’ve not had the pleasure of watching The Prisoner for yourself, I believe that thanks to Tubi TV you can stream the entire series for free!

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