Every time I believe I’ve found “the best training video ever” (or is it Best Training Video Ever?), I find something else that just totally unseats it.

A few weeks ago, I found a training video for the then-operating company that owned Jack in the Box restaurants.  It was from 1985, it had all the trappings of the perfectly delightfully cheesy training video, and it was perfect for a Pop Culture Retrorama article in the vein of the training videos I’ve been watching for over a year now.

It was also on Laserdisc, which in itself ups the nostalgia factor.

And then I found this one perfect moment, the most perfect four minutes and twenty-five ever to be placed within a just-a-hare-over 21 minutes-long training video.  And apparently, it actually first was glimpsed by Jack in the Box employees of the 1970s, but included in Welcome to a Winning Team by the company’s then-higher ups, as it was their training video!

Hence, we have…Deadly Dangers!


Horror lives within a Jack in the Box restaurant near you, when steps to ensure safety are not taken seriously!  Be it not keeping the back door closed and locked, improper footwear, not using a guard on the tomato slicer, not paying attention around the fryer, not knowing how to properly extinguish cooking fires, improper lifting, or not holding a handrail while using the stairs, danger is in plain sight.

And it seems to be caused by a moron named Ted.

Made to look like horror film trailers of that time, the killer should be, you’d think, actually Bad Acting.  But no, the actual killer – that of safety – is failing to follow proper safety protocols set forth by Jack in the Box corporate policy.

Upload via A/V Geeks

My husband never saw this during his time with Jack in the Box (he said his training video talked about the E.coli deaths in the early 1990s), but he walked by while I was watching this video and laughed hysterically over the idiot putting their hand in the frying oil!

There is just so much to love about how terrible this video could be, but the quality of the film and where it took inspiration from really puts this one in a class all by itself.  And I believed that was a class only Jewel’s Own Joan could ever hope to achieve!

She now has competition in the “Don’t Do This!” section of training videos, and his name is “Ted from Jack in the Box.”

Next time, he’ll remember to use the handrail!

Published by Allison L. Venezio-Preston

Writer, dancer, geek, with a day job as a Medical Receptionist. Lover of the written word, geek of the nostalgia, crafter of the vinyl, reader, blogger, wife to James. I also love baseball, football (NY Yankees and Giants), dogs (especially my furbabies Chi Chi and Talia, and fur angel Daisy), bad movies, good movies, Thor, Rainbow Brite, and Jem. And if you want to know anything about me: https://allisonveneziowrites.com/about-allison

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  1. My father, Ralph Hall wrote, produced and directed this training film as well as the Taco Jack “We’re Dynamite” training film. Thank you for giving it such great kudos – my father would love to know that others get his humor and his joy for trying to make a “non-traditional” training film.

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    1. You’re welcome! I absolutely loved the quality of this film! My husband worked for Jack in the Box in Arizona in the early 2000s while he was in college, and he thought this was funny too. Kudos to your dad and his amazing vision for creating something truly entertaining! I am going to look for the Taco Jack video!


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