Friends, considering that earlier this morning the first episode for the much anticipated The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premiered, it seemed like the perfect time to share this classic Power Records offering. Captain America and the Falcon: And The Phoenix Shall Arise was originally released back in 1974 – an adaptation of the December 1973 issue of Captain America #168 which was entitled “…And A Phoenix Shall Arise!”. I am not sure why the name change for the Power Records release because the story is still the same one by Roy Thomas (All-Star Squadron) and Tony Isabella (Black Lightning, Ghost Rider) with artwork provided by Sal Buscema (The Incredible Hulk).

Although I’m not planning on doing a review of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I do have to say that first episode is incredibly solid. If you are obviously a fan of the the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I think you are going to dig it.

The story for Captain America And The Falcon: And The Phoenix Shall Arise finds both Captain America and the Falcon on a nightly patrol, but the latter can’t help but notice that his friend and partner is acting like something is weighing heavily on his mind. It turns out that Steve Rogers is feeling like a man out of time more than usual this evening, due to events that found him fighting against another Captain America just 12 issues earlier. The Falcon tries to get his buddy to snap out of it, but they are interrupted by a sudden attack from a costumed villain calling himself – you guessed it – the Phoenix. A bad guy that has a connection with an old foe of Captain America and a reason to want to wipe out the star-spangled Avenger once and for all.

So put aside a little over fifteen minutes and enjoy 1974’s Captain America And The Falcon: And The Phoenix Shall Arise!


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