Friends, you might be aware that the iconic William Shatner is currently hosting a television series on the History Channel entitled The UnXplained. A show that focuses on the multitude of mysteries in our world ranging from serial killers, cryptozoology to tales of deadly weather phenomenon and more. In some ways it feels a little like another memorable television series that another Star Trek cast member hosted, I am of course referring to In Search Of… which featured the late and great Leonard Nimoy as host and narrator.


However it seems that in 1986, around the same time that William Shatner was starring in T.J. Hooker on television as well as appearing in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, he managed to appear in an educational film called Mysteries Of The Way We Feel. Meant to be showed in the classroom in an effort to help children understand how their emotions might make them behave and the proper way to try and control their more negative emotions. In addition, the short film also had Shatner carrying on a conversation with an owl in a crystal ball named Wisdom – who sounds more than a little like Nimoy but is credited as Joe Vincent.


Examples shared in the short film include how anger can exacerbate a situation in a classroom or cause property damage when feeling the need to rage (Maybe Bruce Banner should have watched this). Mysteries Of The Way We Feel also shows examples of why children should beware of strangers and the dangers of crossing the street – plus why following the rules is always a good idea and the importance of understanding how to make an important decision.

I will admit that I found Mysteries Of The Way We Feel to be a pretty charming educational film thanks to the fun that William Shatner appears to be having. In closing out this article though, the abrupt ending of the short film plays out like a horror movie!


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