…and welcome to another article all about another training video!

Not content to rest on the laurels of previous training videos, and the jobs that accompany them, we are job jumping to our next employment venture.  This time, we’re back in fast food, elbows deep in chicken nuggets, french fries, and hamburgers boasting three and four patties.  We’re putting on a fresh new uniform to go with our fresh new employee attitude, and working at Jack in the Box!

On all three of my visits to Southern California, I ate at Jack in the Box in Hemet, my husband’s hometown.  In the four times I’ve eaten at Jack in the Box (once on the way to Universal Studios Hollywood, twice on the way to Disneyland, and another time because it really sounded good), I’ve eaten their egg and sausage breakfast burrito (it is massive and delicious!), as well as their chicken nuggets (not massive, but legit delicious).  If you’d asked me during my first visit to Southern California if I expected to eat as many breakfast burritos as I did (three, to be exact), I would have told you no.  But truth be told, Jack in the Box makes good breakfast burritos!

Image: Jack in the Box

My husband actually worked for Jack in the Box when he lived in Arizona during his time in college, and has told me quite a few stories about his time there, as well as the fact that his grasp on the Spanish language is such because he learned it on the job.

When I told him I found a training video for Jack in the Box from the 1980s, he told me to try and find the one he had to watch, which involved tumbleweeds and talk of cleaning up the company’s image and making things right in the wake of the e.Coli outbreak in the early 1990s.

I haven’t found that one yet, but I did find a different – and exciting – video that I’ll definitely have to cover as a followup to this standard training video.

Jewel’s Own Joan may yet have some stiff competition!

But for now, we’re becoming a Jack in the Box new hire in 1985!

…or as this video greets us…

“Welcome to Foodmaker!”

(That’s the name of the company that owned Jack in the Box.)

First thing you’ll notice, before the images of staff members smiling huge and turning around, is the super cool title screen complete with Laserdisc behind it.  Because yes, this training video was in Laserdisc format!

As soon as we get past the overly excited staff turning around and smiling at us with “we like our jobs!” appeal, we get right down to business.

But not before appealing to our watering mouths.


Anyway, training!

Quality food, great customer service, and an attractive and clean dining environment, not to mention a positive attitude to maintain the high standards set by our company, and acronyms!


Follow your Q.S.C.!

Q.S.C. is our motto at Jack in the Box/Foodmaker!

This is what keeps customers coming back, and telling their friends, which builds up the business in the store.

We seek out Quality Food (freshness and appearance), Quality Service (fast, friendly, and efficient!), and keep everything Clean, because clean means healthy!

Just treat every guest the way you would want to be treated and keep it all clean!

Job Duties

Jobs at Jack in the Box are divided into several workstations – Prep, Grill, Fryer, and Customer Service.  Although each station operates as its own, everyone works together to do their part in keeping the restaurant operating efficiently.  You’ll train on your station with an experienced employee, and then study the proper procedures of that workstation.  And when all of that has happened, you’ll have the opportunity to practice under observation.

Do well, and your evaluation will determine if you can move on to a different position, or even enter the shift leader training program and assistant manager training.

But of course, that means…

Rules and Regulations

By following rules and regulations of the workplace, we make this place safer and more inviting to customers.  Failure to follow rules can result in disciplinary action or termination.

The company will provide you with the appropriate uniform, which is updated with changing fashion trends, along with protective wear when cleaning.  Shoes must be low-heeled, dark in color, non-slip sole, and closed-toed.

But let me ask you an important question: how would you like to be served by someone who looks like this?

Seriously, I married a smarta**.  He would tell you that he worked with someone like this.  And knowing the stuff I’ve heard, I wouldn’t be shocked.

This, of course, leads to appearance guidelines – length of hair on men, sideburns, and facial hair.  Length of nails, jewelry, and frequent handwashing are important, as is…


Don’t be like Bearded Jack in the Box Employee!

This is seriously one of the greatest “Don’t Do This!” teaching moments, aside from all the times Joan did something in Customers FIRST!.  I think this guy looks like Third Rate Michael McDonald if he was super hardup for work after The Doobie Brothers went on hiatus.

Which he wasn’t, and still isn’t.


Don’t make personal phone calls or idle conversation with other employees or guests you know.  Always be on time, work your scheduled shifts, and take breaks only when directed.  Be sure to notify your manager immediately of unavoidable time off, and schedule time you need for a special reason.

And always punch in and out on the time clock, because you want to get paid…right?

I used that time clock at my first job.  No, it was not 1985.

And now, onward to…

Safety and Security

Jack in the Box/Foodmaker have policies set in place to protect you and the store you work in:

When closing:

During the day:

After dark:


So, we’ve learned the importance of good service, job duties, policies to keep us safe, and above all, employed, so what else could we possibly need to know about our current employment?

Oh, brace yourself, because the final five minutes of this training video (the retread takes up the last two minutes) are the absolute greatest five minutes of training video glory.  The rest is stuff we’ve heard before, but this – this very segment of the training video – is everything you’ve ever dreamed of when taking a new job.

Like I said, this one is worthy of its own followup article, but since it is included here, and you had to comb through the boring standard stuff, you deserve a treat!

I couldn’t take any screenshots of this one, it just needs to be seen…after you’ve watched everything else!

Welcome to a Winning Team!

Upload via The Media Hoarder

Stay calm, use common sense, and follow proper procedures.  We’ve learned the rules, and now have the knowledge to be the best.

The rest, they say, is up to you!

One of us, one of us…at Jack in the Box!

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