Friends, the other evening as I was getting off work at the arcade I noticed a message from a friend about a new game that had been released. It seems that the legendary no-win training simulation that all cadets at Starfleet Academy must experience, and was made famous in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, is now a free to play online game courtesy of Scopely called appropriately enough Star Trek: Kobayashi Maru. One that is designed to reveal how the potential cadet might react to a situation in which there is no possibility of overcoming defeat (unless you cheat like Kirk). Which as the rather humorous ad for the Stark Trek: Kobayashi Maru game depicts with narration by none other than George Takeiā€¦ the answer is people do not respond well to failure in the least.

VIDEO PROVIDED BY Star Trek Fleet Command.

The simulation itself as most of you that visit this site are aware, is named after the civilian vessel in distress in the fictional exercise, which requires a Starfleet Academy cadet to make a very difficult decision in how to react to the request for assistance. Which as was revealed in the 1982 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan film, generally involves finding oneself thrust in a deadly Klingon ambush with only prayer as any sort of advice from then Admiral James T. Kirk.

VIDEO PROVIDED BY These Are The Voyages.

Now Scopely is well known for more than a few popular mobile games such as Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, but perhaps most importantly Star Trek Fleet Command. Unlike that last title however the Star Trek: Kobayashi Maru game plays more like an old school computer game that you would have enjoyed on the likes of the Commodore 64.

IMAGE PROVIDED BY Star Trek: Kobayashi Maru – Scopely.

The reason that Star Trek: Kobayashi Maru is kind of big news beyond the fact that it is a fun way to waste time is that there are some impressive prizes up for grabs, for the three Players who manage to beat the game in the fastest time. The contest is open until February 25th and the prizes include a lifetime subscription to the upcoming Paramount+ streaming service, an Eaglemoss ship collectables package, and even a Star Trek shop gift card. You can find out more information about the Star Trek: Kobayashi Maru contest by following the link here.

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