Friends, towards the end of last year I shared with you a wonderful fan-made adaptation of the 1979 The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot storybook by Star Wars Audio Comics. In that article I explained that while I was most assuredly lucky to get plenty of the Kenner produced action figures and playsets in my youth – more than my fair share if I am being totally honest – I somehow missed out on many of the Star Wars books that had been released. That includes all three storybooks published by Random House in ’79 – beginning with The Maverick Moon, and followed by The Mystery of the Rebellious Robot and The Wookie Storybook. The third being originally released on September 12th of that year – obviously giving young Star Wars fans a closer look at the goings-on of the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk.

The Wookie Storybook was written by Eleanor Ehrhardt, who in fact wrote all three of the 1979 Random House Star Wars books. Although as I understand it, she was not originally given credit in the storybooks themselves. The distinctive artwork for this third book penned by Ehrhardt was provided by Patricia Wynne – who would also provide the illustrations for five of the Star Wars activity books focusing on the likes of Luke Skywalker to Chewbacca. The latter for what it might be worth was one of my favorite books to read in my grade school library – obviously much like with the Crestwood House ‘Monsters’ series, Chewbacca’s Activity Book was not allowed to be checked out by students.

In the case of The Wookie Storybook, the plot follows the attempt to pull off a surprise party for Chewbacca, who is about to celebrate his 200th birthday. It turns out that one of Chewbacca’s favorite desserts is waska-berry pudding – the problem is the berries are hard to gather. Which leads Lumpy to attempt to brave the swamps of the ‘Nother World in an attempt to collect enough so that his Mother can create the delicious treat – at least that is the intentions of the young Wookie. The ‘Nother World is an incredibly dangerous place and pretty soon Lumpy finds himself in a dangerous situation.

Without further ado, enjoy this adaptation of Star Wars: The Wookie Storybook, courtesy of Star Wars Audio Comics!


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