Friends, little did I know that today I would end up writing two articles featuring stop motion animation, but that is absolutely what has happened. In the earlier post about the David Allen produced 1972 Volkswagen commercial featuring King Kong, I shared how I was introduced to not just the iconic 1933 film but the style of animation used by the likes of such masters as Willis O’Brien (1925’s The Lost World) and later Ray Harryhausen (Clash of the Titans).

Thanks to a friend on Facebook, courtesy of a post by Greg Kennelty of Metal Injection – we can enjoy this stop motion tribute by Thomas J. Yagodinski. A tribute that I should add that mashes up Star Wars and Van Halen. Yagodinski uploaded this astoundingly awesome video just last week and it has already garnered 302,455 views and for good reason, as is pointed out in the comments section the Jawa puppet matches the fingering and two-handed tapping guitar technique that the late Eddie Van Halen used in 1978’s “Eruption”.

“Eruption” is a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen that was released on the Van Halen album on February 10th of 1978. And appears to have been voted as the greatest guitar solo of all time by the readers of Guitar World magazine in 2013. In addition to reaching the number 29 spot on the New Musical Express’ 50 greatest guitar solos of all time.

While I am no scholar on the subject of anything, much less music – I try to leave those articles to Earl Green and Allison Venezio-Preston – I do know what I like. Such as the comment left by Tenderfoot Prepper on Yagodinski’s tribute video:

“These notes — too accurate for Sand People.”


It turns out that Thomas J. Yagodinski created the Jawa puppet himself, taking the 16 inch guitar and modifying it to resemble the one that was built by the late musician and Matt Bruck. As I understand it, that particular guitar is one of three that brought in more than $422,00 dollars at a recent auction.

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