Friends, as someone who spends almost every waking moment discussing matters of pop culture and retro related memories, I think you might understand how much I wish that I had access to a working time machine. In all honesty I would just like to return to the stores and arcades of my youth, documenting what it was like seeing a toy aisle packed with Star Wars toys or the layout of the local ShowBiz Pizza. Although it must be said that I would most assuredly draw some curious stares while trying to document the past with my camera phone, right?

Much like the character of Martin Sloan, played by Gig Young in the classic “Walking Distance” episode of the original Twilight Zone, I suppose we all yearn to revisit the more carefree days of our youth. But as Sloan is made to understand during his jaunt back to the time of his childhood, the truth is we can’t go back no matter how much we wish. Which is why it is so absolutely fantastic that something like this B-roll footage from November 27th of 1991, featuring a Toys “R” Us in New York City, has been uploaded to YouTube. Giving us a glimpse at what toys were hot during that particular Holiday season – in addition to letting us enjoy the memories of some of those cherished toys we once owned.

VIDEO PROVIDED BY Retro Rabbit Ears.

As I understand it, this trip back to the Toys “R” Us of 1991 was for an ABC news report, at least that is what I believe I heard mentioned during the video. And while Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures and playsets are featured pretty heavily in this footage – you will also see G.I. Joe, Barbie, LEGO, and an amazing selection of games for the Nintendo Entertainment System among others.


In closing out this article, let us know in the comments if you spied a favorite toy or game in the video.

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