Friends, in my youth as I have mentioned on the site ad nauseam, movies were a very important element in my life – there was hardly a bigger thrill than being able to see a matinee or hit the local drive-in theater every weekend. While I was able to catch plenty of Disney films and the like, as I have shared before, if my Father really wanted to see a movie he would have to bring me along as well. Which is the explanation for watching Animal House, Blues Brothers, The Changeling, Phantom of the Paradise, and many other films that some Family members might have considered me far too young to see. As is obvious with the Saturday Frights podcast, my favorite movie genre turned out to be horror films , but having said that thanks to Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, and of course Westworld – I also became a fan of the science fiction genre too.

I was barely a year old when Westworld was originally released to theaters on August 15th of 1973. Although as was often the case, the drive-in of my youth would frequently show older films… even if I didn’t realize it at the time. Written as well as directed by the late and great Michael Crichton, many elements of Westworld would be touched upon again seventeen years later in his novel Jurassic Park. Namely the hubris of mankind in wielding technology that they mistakenly believe they have mastered – to say nothing that both feature state of the art theme parks.

If you have had the pleaure of seeing 1973’s Westworld for yourself, it is pretty obvious why Jonathan Nolan (The Prestige), Lisa Joy (Burn Notice), and HBO saw the wisdom of revisiting the World that Crichton created. Granted the showrunners most assuredly took some of the elements only hinted at in the feature film and it’s lesser sequel Futureworld and expanded on them – in addition to crafting a storyline that is more or less their own.

It turns out that HBO Max just a few days ago decided to release what they have described as a ‘Modern Trailer’ for 1973’s Westworld – which really only adds a few musical notes similar to the theme from the HBO TV series. It showcases the talented cast and ideas that made the film so impressive forty-seven years ago… and why it still holds up today.


You might be interested to know that the Westworld flyer that I have shared in this article is my own – purchased from a dear friend nearly a decade ago – and it hangs in a frame on my living room wall.

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