Friends, just because the Holiday season is in full swing doesn’t mean that all television specials are focusing on everything light and uplifting. As it was recently announced that A Creepshow Holiday Special is going to be debuting on Shudder on the 18th of this month. It appears though that instead of two separate segments in the special – like with the first season of the series and even A Creepshow Animated Special – this is going to be an hour long tale entitled “Shapeshifters Anonymous“. Concerning a group of various shapeshifters who find themselves under siege by Santa Claus and what appears to be a legion of his street corner helpers – I think it is safe to say that A Creepshow Holiday Special is going to be high on over-the-top violence and humor.

Video and Article Image Provided by Shudder.

A Creepshow Holiday Special stars Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect) as well as Adam Pally (Iron Man 3). Interestingly enough the IMDb page for this special appears to be listed simply as “Episode #2.1” – in addition to the fact that the likes of Ali Larter (Mortal Kombat, House on Haunted Hill), Keith David (The Thing), and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator) are listed as making an appearance. If the Internet Movie Database is correct, it would lead one to assume that Shapeshifters Anonymous is actually one of the second season episodes of Shudder’s Creepshow series.

Although I must point out that it does seem odd to me that besides Camp and Pally there is no appearance of those other actors in the trailer itself, which leads me to believe they are actually going to be appearing in other Creepshow episodes later in 2021 when the second season officially premieres on Shudder.

Image Provided by the Official Shudder Twitter feed.

At the very least we do know that it is Greg Nicotero who has directed “Shapeshifters Anonymous” – thanks to that awesome piece of artwork courtesy of the official Shudder Twitter feed. Nicotero of course is also the showrunner for the series – a worthy choice to helm the production in my opinion as he worked with the late and great George A. Romero – the co-creator of the 1982 anthology film of the same name.

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