Why what should my wondering eyes appear?

Why, a training video for Christmas Merchandising at Radio Shack, from 1993!

Plot twist, my friends. If you expected less, you’ve never read any of my training video articles.

I couldn’t believe my “wondering eyes,” I found a video that manages to marry store training with Christmas!

Thank you 1993 Radio Shack – and the YouTube Channel Radio Shack Catalogs – for documentation of this oh so perfect balance.

And what training video that also captures the commercialized magic of the holiday season would be complete without trainers?

Santa…And Santa!

Meet the “Santas,” Rick and Mark!  Their Christmas decor and sales projections are so bright…they gotta wear shades.

I’m equally baffled by this.  But they’re wearing Santa hats with their suits, so they’re to be referred to as Santa and Santa.

Don’t ask why, just follow along!

Anyway, the model Radio Shack store is perfectly decorated, thanks to “Santa Rick” and “Santa Mark.”  They’re reflecting on how much a decorated store really brings out the Christmas spirit, and how fun and exciting it is to prepare a store for the holiday shopping season!  All with sunglasses on.  I get the Santa hats (Christmas cheer, and calling each other “Santa” and all), but I don’t get the sunglasses.

Anyway, they’ve created a store setup that is so fun and exciting, there’s a training video on how to do it!

I’m just as surprised as you are!

You’d think starting with this first tip on keeping it simple would mean the rest is a breeze, but it only gets a lot less simple from the jump.

Speaking of the easiest instruction you’ll get in this video:

Keep it Simple

Small space and increased inventory for Christmas shoppers means keeping decorating simple, so customers can see what the store has to offer.  By the time employees are watching this tutorial on Christmas decorating, they should have received their Obligatory Christmas Decoration Box.

That’s not what it’s called, but that’s what we’re running with, for training purposes.

The kit includes:

And be sure to use the garland you’ve used previously.  If you don’t have garland from previous kits, stores can order it from the warehouse.

Be sure to place it in the specified space, and cut it to perfectly measured specifications.  Two-and-a-half (three maximum!) foot lengths…or nothing at all.  This isn’t Best Buy!

Use the correct attachment methods (fish line or paperclips), and appropriate accessories to deck the mandatory garland.  Follow the specifications to the correct color!

And what about seasonal sections and signage?


Santa Mark reviews decorating procedures for the seasonal Toyland section, as well as holiday POP signage.  By building color mass displays, you’ll utilize the space you have!

Review Plan-O-Gram 496 and 497 for appropriate decorating of these sections!

Display Those Computers!

Three new technology products means the need for floor space – remember, the first desk displays the promotionally-priced computer system!  Temporary power cords may be necessary, so be sure to have some on hand, you need to be able to power on that promotional computer setup.  And don’t forget to set up the Tandy Sensation – signage will be coming to your store really soon!

Additional Displays and Instructions!

The Santas go over placements of phones, toys, additional gifts and special items, and where to move speakers to accommodate the temporary toy display on the eight foot wall and Power Towers.

It is a lot of work, and requires plenty of open communication, but if your store consults Plan-O-Grams 496 and 497, decorating and setting up the store will be FUN!

But they save the best part for last…when to decorate the store!

Have A Party!

Santa Mark and Santa Rick suggest having a decoration party, either a few hours before opening the store, or after the store closes, and to have popcorn, Coke, or fruit punch for Christmas cheer!

Decorating the store is just icing on the cake, when you have all the great holiday offerings Radio Shack has!

FY 1993 Christmas Merchandising


Like any good training video, this is a lot to learn, but it is a lot to learn with a Christmas twist!

Upload via RadioShack Catalogs

As the Santas remind Radio Shack employees…

“Good luck with Christmas sales, and have a Merry Christmas!”

Now, get out there and sell some Robie the Bankers, pencil sharpeners, Jumbo Vans, and neon phones!

This is 1993, and the fifteen-year-old girls of the world still demand neon phones!

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Writer, dancer, geek, with a day job as a Medical Receptionist. Lover of the written word, geek of the nostalgia, crafter of the vinyl, reader, blogger, wife to James. I also love baseball, football (NY Yankees and Giants), dogs (especially my furbabies Chi Chi and Talia, and fur angel Daisy), bad movies, good movies, Thor, Rainbow Brite, and Jem. And if you want to know anything about me: https://allisonveneziowrites.com/about-allison

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  1. I remember this video. I worked at the local franchise Radio Shack back then. Christmas was a great time of year at the ole Shack.


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