(Friends, Vic Sage here, Brett Weiss asked me to write an introduction to his latest Tales from a Retro Gamer video – one in which he interviews Shane Stein – the executive producer for the upcoming The Game Chasers Movie. I should point out though the interview starts off with a look at Stein’s introduction to video games in general, first experiences with arcade titles, home consoles and the like. Those of us of a certain age will no doubt have fond memories of such games as Kangaroo, Night Stalker, Space Armada, Kid Icarus, and Contra to name a few.

There is also a little love thrown towards to the upcoming Intellivision Amico – the reason for this latest Tales from a Retro Gamer video however is to update fans about the state of the movie. A comedy film spin-off from the long running series of YouTube videos by Billy Hudson and Jay Hatfield – in fact back in May they uploaded a full trailer for The Game Chasers Movie.

Video Provided by The Game Chasers.

Shane Stein goes into detail on why the film has missed it’s initial ‘release date’ and not to give too much away – it is for reasons you can expect – namely the pandemic that has turned 2020 upside down. This particular Tales from a Retro Gamer video, being an interview, runs a little longer than usual – nearly 40 minutes when all is said and done. You’ll get some insight into the origin of the movie and even some brief behind the scenes footage during the video. So, make to sure to grab some snacks and your favorite beverage and check it out.)

Video and Article Image Provided by Brett Weiss.

If you would like to keep up with more of Brett Weiss’ work beyond what he shares on this site, please check out Words of Wonder. You will be able to see the latest news on his recent books he has published and that are coming out – in addition to film and book reviews and more!

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