Friends, the other evening on Facebook, one of my fellow PCR writers was nice enough to direct me to a brand new music video by Nick Lutsko – an artist and songwriter who just so happens to have earned himself two Webby nominations for his work. The subject of this latest video is something that I think many of us fans of the 1984 collaboration between Joe Dante, Steven Spielberg, and Chris Columbus have wondered – put simply – Where Did the Gremlins Go? Nick’s amazingly humorous video gives us a glimpse at the Gremlins sequels that might have been… or at the very least where they might have made an appearance in other popular films.

Video Provided by Nick Lutsko.

Now during the time that I was writing for the Retroist, nearly a decade when all was said and done, as well as on this site – I have mentioned that Gremlins was a movie that I continue to love. So much so that I will reveal that it is going to be the subject of the 100th episode of the Saturday Frights podcast in the near future.

Personally I feel that some of the reasons that Gremlins are still part of pop culture is that the cast and crew were able to deliver a horror movie – one that happens to be just as darkly funny as it can be moving. A real lightning in a bottle type of situation thanks to Dante’s direction, the extremely likeable cast, and of course guidance from Spielberg as well as Columbus’ screenplay.

I can recall catching an actual television commercial for Gremlins and even that memorable one-sheet from the late and great John Alvin – who also supplied the artwork for such films as The Goonies, Batman Returns, and Space Jam to name a few. Having said all of that however – until today I have NEVER seen this particular teaser for Gremlins before… and my life has been lesser for it.

Video and Article Image Provided by JoBlo Horror Trailers.

In closing out this article, we know that it isn’t just Nick Lutsko that still craves more Mogwai and Gremlins fun – after all we are getting Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai next year, right?

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