…and your head may explode from greeting customers using the same greeting.

Assumed risk, my friends!

Previously, On Pop Culture Retrorama…

We’ve covered plenty of training videos, all of them cheesy in their 1980s and 1990s glory.  From bad examples to customer service, to “Michael Jackson” serving hot drinks, flim flam, “old lady rappers,” and everything Wendy’s has to offer, we’re learning how to do our jobs the best we can…considering the examples we have.

Joan from Jewel, I’m looking at YOU!

Last time, Hardee’s became our newest place of hire (because 2020, in all its glory, includes job jumping!), and in 27 minutes we learned “The Ultimate Goal” of working at Hardee’s – that we’re not just serving food, but we’re also serving Hardee’s service.

This time, we’re learning from a different Hardee’s video, complete with better uniforms, and well, slightly stranger methods of training, as well as stranger music.

This coming from the person who watched all of the Wendy’s videos.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

When a Customer Steps Up to the Line, My Reputation is ON THE LINE!

First up, has this ever happened to you?

Poor 1988 Mustachioed Horatio Sanz.  He just wants to eat his burger in his car, while wearing his suit, but he’s losing tomatoes.

Why would this happen, you ask?

Improperly bagging of food!

And that’s where our Hardee’s spokesperson comes in.

This is Hope (or Hay-ope)!

Hope is going to take you on a nine-minute journey through working at Hardee’s, where your reputation is on the line when someone steps up to your register.  She’s full of southern charm and blinking eyes.

Much of what she will teach you is what you learned in the 27-minute version, but with, as I said, better uniforms and presentation.  Think of this as the Reader’s Digest of Hardee’s training videos – everything you need to know in the shortest amount of time possible.

Hope goes over Greeting the customer, Listening to their wants, Filling the Order Fast (sixty seconds or less!), properly setting the order up on the tray or in the bag, serving children (Hope doesn’t mention not up-selling to children), teamwork, and secondary assignments (cleaning the bathroom or dining area).

All the standard Hardee’s stuff, with some surprises thrown in for “teaching purposes.”

Don’t Do This!

It is the hilarious examples that make “Your Reputation Is On The Line” so darn memorable.  Take, for instance, not using the same greeting over and over.

I did not loop this.  She really was shown four times in a row saying this, and I was waiting patiently for her head to explode.

That didn’t happen.

But THIS happened!

Hope’s reaction is priceless.  This part of the video concerns not ignoring the customer.  These are the same people that nailed the proper greeting, but couldn’t stop gossiping to each other.

But hey, it’s ok when Hope does it to a little kid. But she’s providing a teachable moment, right?  That’s her job in this video!

This video takes everything you thought you’ve already seen, and runs in the direction of “Customers FIRST.”

It’s all so hilarious and Southern Charmy, and Hope is all too happy to teach you!

Heck, even the presentation of the Hardee’s logo is the stuff of legend.  Think of it as A Current Affair mixed with corporate training.

Wait till you hear it!  But seriously, isn’t this the most top notch corporate training video opening ever?  The quality is actually incredible!  Still very 1980s, but incredible!

Don’t Let Your Reputation Ever Be “On The Line…”

Watch the training video, and be enlightened!

Upload via EncoreVisions

Oh, and I found ANOTHER Hardee’s training video.  It doesn’t feature Hope, but does feature the blue polo shirt uniforms.

Until next time, don’t let your reputation ever be “on the line” of bad.  And don’t pack Horatio Sanz’s sandwich incorrectly.

Honestly, I’d feel terrible if the music didn’t make losing one’s tomato look like a sitcom moment.

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