Friends, with producing the Saturday Frights podcast, I’m willing to bet you already realize that I am a rather big fan of horror movies – have been since I was three years old in fact. Thanks to a late night screening of 1931’s Frankenstein I was bit by the horror bug and it has refused to let go of me. On Saturday Frights I have shared that my Father was also a fan of horror films, being a single parent, meant that quite often if he wanted to see a movie at the Drive-In he would have to take me along too. While he would most definitely not take me to see something like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, he wouldn’t bat an eye at allowing me to watch the likes of An American Werewolf in London, The Changeling, Friday the 13th, Ghost Story, or The Shining to name a few.

In the early ’80s after my Father purchased a VCR, it was like I had been given the keys to the candy store. Multiple times a week we would visit the local Mom and Pop video store and I would spend quite a while perusing their selection of 30 to 40 horror films. In all honesty it reached a point where I didn’t need my Father with me to rent a horror movie – even if I was supposed to be 17. I guess we can chalk it all up to being a different time?

Now then, while my Father had no qualms for the most part on the staple of horror movies I was watching… my Grandparents were not as keen on my steady diet of monster, slasher, and demonic films. Although even at an early age I realized this was from coming from a place of love – I still found myself being perplexed and annoyed that I couldn’t watch Salem’s Lot on television.

Video Provided by robatsea2009.

I bring all of that up because I am sure that back in 1987 when 20/20 aired this special report entitled VCR Horrors – they must have been panicking realizing that I was like some of these children featured in the segment.

Video and Article Image Provided by UFO CULT VHS.

Although a shameless plug, I want to remind everyone that in two weeks we will begin Season 3 of the Saturday Frights podcast.

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