Friends, to be up front about this clip from 1980’s Encore! television special – Lynda Carter in fact dances and sings with some Kiss look-alike performers. Although having said that it doesn’t diminish how incredibly awesome this presentation from Carter’s musical TV special really is. Encore! premiered on the evening of September 16th of 1980 with musical guests Merle Haggard and Tom Jones. The clip we are about to share starts off with Lynda Carter singing the 1979 hit “Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy” from Bad Company – which is used as the intro for the entertainer to tackle songs from Tina Turner, Bette Midler, as well as Kiss. So do yourself a favor and take a moment to grab your favorite snack and beverage, travel back to 1980 and enjoy these performances by the one and only Lynda Carter.

Video and Article Image Provided by David Riggs.

Now to see the entire three musical numbers – follow this link to this Lynda Carter YouTube channel.

At the time that Encore! aired on CBS, it had barely been a year since the popular Wonder Woman TV series had ended. In fact this was the second musical special that Carter appeared in – back in January of that year was the Lynda Carter Special, which featured both Kenny Rogers and Leo Sayer. In that particular special she performed “The Rubberband Man”, the hit 1976 song by The Spinners – which she had actually done before on The Muppet Show!

Video Provided by Muppet Songs.

Lynda Carter would continue to appear as a guest as well as hosting even more specials through the ’80s – including a couple with Bob Hope, which makes sense as he was the one to crown her as Miss World USA as the representative for Arizona. Carter would go on to appear in the Miss World pageant in ’72 and while not winning that competition, it would be just three years later when she landed the lead in Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter of course hasn’t slowed down over the years as she has continued to appear in television and films. In addition she continues to show off her skills as a musical performer – in fact she was the voice for Magnolia in Fallout 4 and provided the songs “Good Neighbor” and “Train Train” for the game.

Video Provided by Lynda Carter – Topic.

In closing out this article, I want to give a huge thank you to Rockford Jay for sharing that clip from Encore!

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