Friends, I have shared with you many times before how I first started collecting comic books, whether that be through the Super Blog Team-Up articles or just sharing a Power Records story. Spider-Man is a comic that I would occasionally pick up off the spinner rack of my local grocery store if there wasn’t a new issue of Detective Comics Starring Batman, Captain Carrot, or Captain America. My appreciation for the character of Spider-Man came about thanks to the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated series that aired on NBC from 1981 until 1983. While the Spider-Man comic book wouldn’t make my pull list until much later – I did have a surprising amount of video games featuring Spider-Man when I was growing up. Two of my favorites were the Atari 2600 game by Parker Brothers as well as the Commodore 64 version of Questprobe featuring Spider-Man, which was published by Scott Adams’ Adventure International.

Did you know though that Spider-Man was a stout proponent of fruit? Thanks to these 1980 public service announcements you can watch the web-slinging superhero turn down monetary rewards for an orange and banana. In this first PSA we will see Spider-Man tangle with a rampaging dinosaur to receive his reward – the emergence of the beast is kind of similar to the opening of the 1978 Saturday Morning Godzilla cartoon.

Videos and Article Image Provided by CartoonStudio.

This second public service announcement finds Spider-Man having to stop a rampaging giant fly – is it possibly meant to be a mutated fruit fly? In addition while the animation looks very much like the same style as that used by Toei Animation for the Spider-Man and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends series – I actually can’t tell if it’s Ted Schwartz or Dan Givezan voicing the character. Schwartz would voice the character for the 1981 animated series with Givezan stepping into the role for Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.

Video Provided by CartoonStudio.

In closing, we have the esteemed Rockford Jay to thank for finding and sharing these Spider-Man themed public service announcements. Did you notice something at the end of each of these PSA’s though – is that not the CBS/Fox video theme?

Video Provided by Alan Grant.

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