Friends, while I certainly try to keep up to date on the new games that are coming out on the Xbox One or Playstation 4 and the Nintendo Switch – I will have to admit that news of Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time caught me completely unawares. Being released on August 21st for all three gaming systems in addition to the Epic Games Store and Steam. As I understand it – this game will act as a previously untold adventure from the animated series and as the official site points out – will tie into the series finale. In addition as you will see from the trailer below, you will also encounter more than a few of Jack’s trusted allies and devious foes during the journey.

Video Provided by IGN.

I was able to find out a couple of awesome things for all of us fans of Genndy Tartakovsky’s still epic animated series – that debuted on Cartoon Network nearly 19 years ago. For one thing the story for Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time was written by Darrick Bachman, who was the head writer for the 2017 Samurai Jack series. Perhaps even more importantly is the fact that the voice actors from the animated series have returned to voice their characters once again – so you have Phil LaMarr (Samurai Jack), Rob Paulsen (Rothchild), Tara Strong (Ashi), John DiMaggio (The Scotsman), Tom Kenny (Scaramouche), and Grey Griffin (Flora) to name a few. And while perhaps Genndy Tartakovsky is not penning this new video game adventure – he is definitely lending a hand in the recording booth as you will see for yourself in this behind the scenes video.

Video and Article Image Provided by Adult Swim.

So we have a little less than a month to wait until we can get out chance to help Jack in his battle against the evil that is Aku – I will be sure to write up a review after I have a chance to play Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time!

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