Friends, I apologize about the lateness of this particular article – the truth of the matter is that the other day I had to do a bit of yard work and thanks to the heat I kind of overdid it. I am okay I think, instead of sticking to my night auditor schedule I made sure to get plenty of rest. When I woke up I was surprised to find a friend had sent me a link to this 1968 episode of The Dating Game – one that just so happened to feature a rather young Steve Martin as one of the three contestants. At the time of the taping for this episode, the 23 year old might have already won an Emmy Award along with his fellow writers for their work on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. In fact by the time that this 1968 episode of The Dating Game aired – there is a good possibility that Martin had already performed stand up on the former program.

Video Provided by AJ2B.

I am wondering if a little of his stand up routine wasn’t culled from his days working at Merlin’s Magic Shop at Disneyland? Did you know that Steve Martin worked at the Magic Kingdom from the age of 10 until he was 18 – beginning his career by selling guidebooks to the guests before moving on to hawking spinning lassos in Frontierland and eventually settling at the magic shop. The entertainer has often talked about his memories of working at Disneyland in his youth – managing his job after school as well as on the weekends and especially during the Summer months while classes were out.

Now before you enjoy this 1968 segment of The Dating Game with Steve Martin I think I should add that he managed to appear on the show three times. In all three appearances he was the one chosen by the contestants – although in this case the young Woman was none other than Deana Martin, the Daughter of Dean Martin!

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