Friends, in the past I have talked a bit about my fascination from an early age of the Arthurian legend – although I will admit I am not sure if that came about from the rerelease of Disney’s The Sword in the Stone or a childhood book at school. Doing a quick online glance at the Internet Movie Database it claims that the animated classic was released to theaters for the third time at the end of March in ’83. So then it had to have been a childhood book from my grade school where I became enamored with not just the legend of King Arthur but the compelling and powerful symbol of the round table. That is something I very much took to heart and still feel strongly about today, a round table allows no one to be able to lay a claim at the head of the table – the act of everyone being equal is a perfect way to run a business in my mind… or even a pop culture website.

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So let us jump to 1998 with the release of a film entitled The Mighty. I was working at a local move theater at this point – and all I knew about it from the poster was that it starred Sharon Stone (Total Recall, The Quick and the Dead) and seemed to be about two young boys experiencing an unlikely friendship. Then I happened to catch the trailer and realized that no matter what I had to make sure to catch The Mighty when it opened at the theater.

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Going in I had no idea it was based on Freak the Mighty, a young adult novel written by Rodman Philbrick just 5 years earlier, I was just expecting to watch some young boys engaging in a little chivalry. What I found was an incredibly beautiful film with solid performances by not just Sharon Stone but Elden Henson (Daredevil), Kieran Culkin (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), in addition to Harry Dean Stanton (Alien), Meat Loaf, Gillian Anderson, and James Gandolfini to name a few. I was also blown away by the soundtrack for the film which featured a score by Trevor Jones (The Dark Crystal, Last of the Mohicans) and a wonderful song also entitled The Mighty – which was co-written by both Jones and Sting. After seeing the film I visited the local Hasting’s to pick up the soundtrack and happened to catch the music video for The Mighty – which features both Sharon Stone and Sting!

Video Provided by macidux.

Now I think that music video is pretty amazing but just the other day I found something even more fantastic – a behind the scenes look at Director Stefano Salvati working with both Sting and Sharon Stone on the project.

Video Provided by SalvatiChannel.

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