Friends, one of the freedoms that I embraced in my young adulthood was the fact that I could eat cereal any time I wanted to – in truth I probably indulged in that whim far too often – but back then I had an amazing metabolism and could eat recklessly. Don’t get me wrong of course, I still go a little mad when October rolls around and I have to stock up on the General Mills Monster cereals – but these days when I have the time for breakfast the cereal choices are a little healthier. Actually the reason for this article is because over on Facebook I caught a television commercial for another General Mills offering – Crazy Cow cereal. Which as I understand it from looking it up online was released in ’77, although I have to admit I am not sure how long it remained available on store shelves.

Video and Article Image Provided by Sean Mc.

Now I do remember seeing Crazy Cow in my youth but the truth of the matter is I was never the biggest fan of chocolate flavored cereals – not even the likes of Count Chocula – strawberry flavor though is an entirely different matter. The kind of crazy thing… ahem… about Crazy Cow cereal is that while more like Kix than Trix, in this case General Mills added a drink mix coating to the cereal pieces. So when you poured your milk on Crazy Cow it would become a tasty treat to drink after your cereal was finished – say like something similar to Nesquik!

And now I want some Nesquik.

Another reason I remember Crazy Cow cereal has to do with a certain space opera that managed to do okay at the box office back in ’77. A year after Star Wars succeeded in becomin nearly everything that I thought about – General Mills offered one Star Wars trading card insides boxes of Lucky Charms, Trix, the Monster cereals, Cocoa Puffs, and of course Crazy Cow. I believe there were 18 cards in all – I only ever laid my hands on one of them however – the dreaded Tusken Raider!

What about you though, do you remember Crazy Cow cereal – did you ever get any of those Star Wars cards from General Mills?

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