Friends, I believe that in the article for the Danger Room Protocols web series from a couple of weeks back, I mentioned that it was kind of the 16 bit animated X-Men series we would have loved back in the ’90s. When I was looking up the video for the Danger Room Protocols series I stumbled across this demo build from PtoPOnline for an unreleased X-Men fighting game that was intended for the Playstation. PtoPOnline by the way is Andrew Borman, the Digital Games Curator at the Museum of Play – in fact we shared another of his amazing finds back in March, with the unreleased Gremlins arcade game. As explained in the video itself by Borman, what you see in the video was just a demo from 1999 – but it’s interesting that it would have featured alternate costumes for the characters in the game. This is actually demonstrated by Borman with the only two playable characters in this demo – Wolverine and Apocalypse.

Video and Article Image Provided by PtoPOnline.

Now Borman made sure to point out that this unreleased X-Men fighting game was a different build than the X-Men: Mutant Academy released by Activision the following year. Interestingly enough, it looks to me like both were using some of Joe Madureira artwork from the comic books of the time – with Activision also being listed in the credits of that demo build. I obviously cannot say why the 1999 version of the X-Men fighting game never saw the light of day – although we do know it was being developed by Syrox Developments. At the very least I can tell you that the UK based game developer was responsible for the likes of The Jungle Book, The Lion King, and Battletoads in Battlemaniacs for the Sega Master System to name a few titles.

Video Provided by 10min Gameplay.

If Andrew Borman releases a new video for the unreleased X-Men fighting game – I will be sure to add it to this article and let you it has been updated.

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