Friends, if you’ve been kind enough to listen to the latest Saturday Frights podcast episode covering Creepshow‘s The Finger – you know that Rockford Jay and myself kind of got fleeced by a ‘co-worker’. Earlier today we were talking with the Projectionist about getting our money back – thinking that if we stood united there was no way he could resist what I still believe were reasonable demands. It was when he called in the seventh Plague Rat though that I wisely heeded Rockford’s advice to cease my impassioned plea for remuneration. As we were leaving we passed by one of the break rooms and heard the familiar strains of the late George Michael’s “Faith” – then we realized the lyrics had been altered as the song mentioned Laurie Strode of Halloween from ’78. Stepping in we found a most curious music video on the widescreen television in the break room – it wasn’t George Michael but George Michael Myers performing “Fate“.

Video and Article Image Courtesy of The Merkins.

I realize of course that perhaps my many years of watching horror movies has bent me somewhat but I couldn’t stop laughing at this parody video from The Merkins. Michael Myers performing “Fate” is not their only musical parody video – at least one I’ve stumbled across I cannot share in an all ages site like this one. The Merkins are also a fair hand at providing parody videos on fictional sitcom intros starring some of our favorite monsters and slashers from popular horror film franchises!

Video Provided by The Merkins.

Now to close out this article I am going to share another musical parody courtesy of The Merkins – I really got a kick out the “Fate” music video but I love this Jason Voorhees parody of The Police‘s “Every Breath You Take“. I believe it is a combination of Jason on the double bass with Pamela Voorhees going to town on the drums – just as much as the Friday the 13th themed lyrics of course.

Video Courtesy of The Merkins.

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