Friends, as someone who has always loved movies, when my Grandparents told me in the early ’80s about their trip to Universal Studios Hollywood while on vacation – making my own trip to the film studio and theme park became a priority. I first learned about it not because of the recollections of my Grandparents but from a Parade newspaper magazine supplement in our local Sunday newspaper – thanks to an ad that was promising that by visiting Universal Studios Hollywood I could be thrown into the Battle of Galactica. I am sad to say that dream of being attacked by villainous Cylons and rescued by a Colonial Warrior of the Twelve Colonies of Man was never fulfilled – at least we have this 1979 Universal Studios Hollywood television spot though, right?

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It was thanks to Star Wars of course that I was so over the moon with science fiction at the time – throw in Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, plus reruns of Star Trek and television was giving movies a run for it’s money. It is crazy to me now as an ‘adult’ to realize that Battlestar Galactica only ran a single season on ABC – it was such a big part of my childhood – even if the likes of the esteemed Isaac Asmiov apparently didn’t see the virtues of the series:

“Star Wars was fun and I enjoyed it. But Battlestar Galactica was Star Wars all over again and I couldn’t enjoy it without amnesia.”

That quote is courtesy of a 1978 article entitled “Science-Fiction is more than a Space-Age Western” by Isaac Asimov for Knight Ridder newspapers – a review I suppose of the pilot film as it is dated September 17th, the day the Battlestar Galactica premiered on ABC. I will admit that perhaps being a fan of the series has blinded me to the supposed repeat of Star Wars that the celebrated Author of science fiction had an issue with.

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Well, perhaps some of those keywords used in that vintage TV promo by the iconic Ernie Anderson did sound tailor-made to catch the attention of Star Wars fans. It’s crazy to think that for a television show that only lasted a single season – with a short-lived spin-off courtesy of Galactica 1980 – that not only did the Battle for Galactica ride debut at Universal Studios Hollywood after the show had been cancelled but remained in operation until 1992!

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