Friends, while it is true that when I was growing up and Star Wars first captured my imagination – it was the character of Luke Skywalker that was my favorite – my second favorite though was R2-D2. It began a lifelong obsession with all things Droid and robot related, something that was helped thanks to other TV shows and films such as Lost in Space, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Short Circuit, RoboCop, The Terminator and that was before I was lucky enough to catch 1951’s The Day the Earth Stood Still or Forbidden Planet from ’56.

Yet again the the majority of my love of things robotic stemmed from the Star Wars franchise – each new film generally afforded me the opportunity to pick up another Droid for my collection. When the first 12 Star Wars action figures from Kenner were released – in my neck of the woods they were available at the local Otasco. Leaving the store I had a Luke Skywalker clutched in my hands but it was only a few days until I was able to beg my way into an R2-D2 figure – after all a young Jedi in training needs a trusty Droid to help him, right?

It was that R2-D2 toy that was constantly in my possession back in the day, stuffing him in my pants pocket during school – always accompanying me on my own adventures during recess and after school in that Galaxy far, far away. That Holiday one of the gifts under the tree happened to be the radio controlled R2-D2 and while it is true that shag carpeting didn’t aid my personal astromech droid in his travels – he did okay on the linoleum in the kitchen.

Video provided by 12BACK.

From C-3PO and R5-D4 to 4-LOM and the exceptional medical Droid known as 2-1B, the original trilogy offered me plenty of characters to grow to love. And of course in recent years we have had the likes of K-2SO, L3-37, BB-8, Chopper, and IG-11 thanks to the concluding trilogy in the Skywalker saga as well as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars Rebels, and The Mandalorian.

“You get an E-11 Blaster bolt to the head, you get an DLT-20A bolt to the chest!”

So I think you’ll agree it is quite understandable that this animated Star Wars Galaxy of Adventure shorts focus on a handful of the more famous Droids – highlighting moments from their thrilling adventures.

Video and Article Image Provided by Star Wars Kids.

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