Friends, we have something kind of special today for our Retro Records offering – The Official Adventures of The Green Lantern which was originally released back in 1967. The reason it is incredibly special has to do with the fact that while the album artwork might feature the Silver Age versions of Aquaman, The Flash, as well as The Green Lantern – this LP actually retells the origins of Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern. Created by Martin Nodell who came up with a hero whose power came from a mystical ring, one that required it to be replenished from a magical source – in this case a green lantern that was crafted from the green liquid metal within a fallen meteor. Nodell said that it was thanks to seeing a railroad lantern in use as well as catching a performance of The Ring of the Nibelung that gave him the idea for both the ring and lantern that was introduced along with Alan Scott in All-American Comics #16 back in 1940. Thanks to Wikipedia and an interview between Nodell and Bill Black from 2000, the artist explains how he learned that the character of the Green Lantern was accepted:

“When I sent it in, I waited into the second week before I heard the word to come in. I was ushered into Mr. [Max] Gaines’ office, publisher, and after sitting a long time and flipping through the pages of my presentation, he announced, “We like it!” And then, “Get to work!” I did the first five pages of an eight-page story, and then they called in Bill Finger to help. We worked on it for seven years [through 1947].”

Now the actual title of the 1967 record is The Official Adventures of Aquaman, The Flash, The Green Lantern – released by Leo the Lion Records – which was the children’s label for MGM records. I will revisit this record in the near future to share the Flash and Aquaman stories – now I think you will quite enjoy this retelling of the origins of the Golden Age Green Lantern… but be warned that since it comes from a 1940 comic book story, there is a brief moment where it crosses over into the racial caricature category.

Video and Article Image Provided by AudioAdventures.

Fun fact, the oath that Alan Scott uses in The Official Adventures of The Green Lantern might be more familiar to fans of another famous ring slinger – Hal Jordan aka the Silver Age Green Lantern. But as I’ve read online, when Bill Finger left the comic book in 1943 and Alfred Bester took over the writing chores – while Scott’s oath had continued to change over the years it officially became:

“In brightest day, in darkest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil’s might
Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!”

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