Friends, just the other day on Facebook I noticed a video post from one of my friends – linking to this delightful musical number between the iconic Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. This clip features both Price and Karloff singing “The Two of Us” – not to be confused with Grover Washington Jr.’s 1981 “Just the Two of Us“. The song that Karloff and Price perform is more in line with their celebrated status of masters of horror – between the two they appeared and lent their voices to over 400 roles for film and television. The duo were special guests as well as Ed Sullivan on the September 24th, 1968 episode of the The Red Skelton Hour – an episode entitled He Who Steals My Robot Steals Trash. Obviously Red Skelton himself couldn’t resist getting in on some of the fun as Clem Kadiddlehopper – you can see it for yourself in the video below.

Videos and Article Image Provided by Chris.

As I understand it, Boris Karloff was in very ill health at the time he guest starred with Price on The Red Skelton Hour – he sadly passed away at the age of 81 just five months later. In the comments section of that video:

“From Joe Comer: The story is that Boris was so ill at the time of this show that he rested off-stage in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank. But when it came time for him to go on he would arise from that chair as though he was 40 years younger and give a great show!!!”

If you are curious as to how He Who Steals My Robot Steals Trash plays out you are in luck as Chris has uploaded both segments from the 1968 episode of The Red Skelton Hour. The story finds Dr. Nelson Sr. (Karloff) and Junior (Price) renting the barn of Paw Kadiddlehopper (Jan Arvan)… who foolishly asks his Son to clean the place before the two scientists arrive to activate their brand new robot… or is that Phyllis Diller?

Video Provided by Chris.

Here is the second act for He Who Steals My Robot Steals Trash with Price, Karloff, and Skelton.

Video Provided by Chris.

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