Friends, I feel that 1982 was quite a incredible year for films – some of those released that year may not have been the box office darling the studios that produced them had hoped… but they are still in the pop culture consciousness. I’m talking about movies like TRON, Blade Runner, Conan the Barbarian, First Blood, Poltergeist, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, The Thing, Creepshow, The Dark Crystal, and so many more. And while it is true that in ’82 that there was no new James Bond film – the previous year’s For Your Eyes Only found itself nominated for Best Song in the March 29th, 1982 telecast of the Academy Awards. Being a nominated song meant that there was a live performance by Sheena Easton, who not only performed the title song of the 1981 film but appeared in the opening credits singing it. Having said that though for the Academy Awards she was also joined by some famous Bond villains like Blofeld and Dr. No – it gets better though as none other than Richard Kiel portrays his character of Jaws and Harold Sakata appears as Oddjob in the performance!

Video and Article Image Provided by Nigel Jones.

I’ve seen a lot of insults and snide comments thrown towards this 1982 performance of “Your Eyes Only” – I guess I just don’t have any taste because I found it to be extremely entertaining. Curious though that Roger Moore didn’t make an appearance as Bond in the performance… because he was at the show and after Easton’s number actually presented Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli the Irving G. Thalberg memorial award!

Video Provided by Oscars.

Interestingly enough, “For Your Eyes Only” as I’ve read online was originally meant for Blondie – sort of – the band wrote a song for the film, not understanding that Broccoli had intended them to sing the tune that was composed by Bill Conti and Mick Leeson. They obviously declined the offer after the misunderstanding was cleared up – with Easton recording the song and finding success on the charts. “For Your Eyes Only” topped at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and number eight for the singles category on the UK Chart. Blondie would release what they intended as the title song on their 1982 album entitled The Hunter.

Video Provided by EuroEuphoria.

I really like the Conti, Leeson, and Sheena Easton version… but the song by Blondie is just as awesome – I am glad we have the opportunity to enjoy it even if it wasn’t used in the 1981 film.

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