Friends, while I was unable to produce a new episode of the Diary podcast for the month of January – our first new episode of 2020 focuses on Wizard of Wor -that classic maze shooter from Midway that features the memorable synthesized taunts from the game itself. As always for the Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast I share my first encounter with the subject of the episode in addition to shining the spotlight on those creative individuals who had a hand in bringing the game to life. Which in this case involves Dave Nutting Associates – as you will learn from listening to the podcast itself, Dave Nutting is a pretty important part of the Golden Age of arcade games. Wizard of Wor might not have exactly set the video game world on fire back when it was originally released but it still stands as a solid game and is just as tough to play as it was back in ’81.

In this particular episode I was able to share a quote from the Golden Age Arcade Historian blog – concerning how Dave Nutting found himself entering into the business of producing video games. It is an interesting read and worthy of your time to check out – I only wish that everyone who had a hand in the Golden Age of video games were being interviewed, their knowledge and viewpoints are too important to let slip away with time.

Friends, as always I do hope you will enjoy the episode – thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to check out the show – The Wizard of Wor awaits those brave enough to enter his deadly dungeon maze!

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  1. I enjoy all your podcasts, but your Wizard of Wor coverage is the best. Thanks for all the time that you put to such fun memories!


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