Friends, as I have pointed out on more than one occasion if I had to choose a favorite genre it would most assuredly be that of horror. There is just something about it that calls to me – even if I am turning in for the day, more often than not I will pick something to watch on Shudder or Scream Factory to watch as I fall asleep. Actually this could be considered a fun fact but the worst nightmares I have ever had are a result of falling asleep while watching a comedy or Lifetime channel film – probably why I get along with the Projectionist so well, right? Anyway, of the vast offerings in horror from slashers to supernatural entities and deadly intergalactic species intent on conquest – it is the monster film that is my favorite. Whether that involves such icons as the Prince of the Undead, a man born of a mad scientist’s desires and electricity, a good man cursed by a dark kiss that unleashes the beast within when the moon is full, an ancient mummy seeking his lost love, or even an aquatic humanoid from the Black Lagoon. I realize that it isn’t like I am the only fan of the films that saved Universal Pictures especially those in the motion picture industry that were inspired by these classic movies – say like Frank Darabont, Rick Baker, Joe Dante, Guillermo Del Toro, Greg Nicotero and many more. The latter though is the one who came up with the idea for the 2010 short film entitled The United Monster Talent Agency – a love letter to horror films!

Video and Article Image Provided by Spooky Gals Corner.

As you saw in The United Monster Talent Agency short film, a lot of Greg Nicotero’s friends made appearances throughout. Frank Darabont (The Mist) portrayed a Director as did Eli Roth (Cabin Fever) – in addition there was the iconic Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) as a cameraman with Dana Gould (Stan Against Evil) as the Wolfman. Sam Witwer (Being Human) was called upon to portray Count Dracula and Make-Up artist extraordinaire Jake Garber (The Walking Dead) as both the Frankenstein’s Monster and The Thing From Another World. Fellow special effects and Make-Up artists Joe Giles (TRON: Legacy) played the Mummy – with Carey Jones appearing as the Creature From the Black Lagoon. Also seen in the short film is Robert Rodriguez (Planet Terror) and Derek Mears (Friday the 13th) working at the agency. Thanks to FEARnet you can actually listen to Director Greg Nicotero talk about why he wanted to create The United Monster Talent Agency in the first place!

Video Provided by FEARnet.

I don’t know about you but I really wish Greg Nicotero could market T-Shirts with The United Monster Talent Agency logo on them – I would most definitely buy a couple!

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