(Brief note from Vic Sage – Friends, having done a Donkey Kong episode for the Diary of An Arcade Employee podcast in the past and having the pleasure of working at a successful arcade – I think it is safe to say that I have a few fond memories of that classic 1981 game from Nintendo. However since I always attempt to be 100% honest with you – I am no expert… in anything… just a fan who enjoys sharing what he likes. Brett Weiss of course has a ton of fun sharing what he is fond of too, the big difference is much like Rob Klein, Cat DeSpira, Earl Green, William Culver of Arcade USA – Brett is both a historian in addition to being a YouTuber.

I should add that Brett is of course a published author in addition to being a member of the Pop Culture Retrorama writing staff. Just about an hour ago, Brett was kind enough to throw me this link to his latest Tales From A Retro Gamer video series – featuring his Top 5 Donkey Kong Memories. I have already shared a few of my own but I will have to say that they don’t exactly match the level of awesomeness as Brett’s experiences – you know like meeting Billy Mitchell or even getting to hang out with Gary Kitchen and David Crane. You might recognize those last two names when I tackled the Top 5 Activision Games on the Diary podcast – does Keystone Kapers and Pitfall! ring any bells?

I want to thank Brett Weiss again for sharing this latest video focusing on his Top 5 Donkey Kong Memories with us. I am sure this will not be the last time Tales From A Retro Gamer video is featured on the site. So without further ado, enjoy the esteemed Brett Weiss as he fills you in on his Top 5 Donkey Kong Memories!)

Video and Article Images Provided by Brett Weiss.

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