Friends, one of the benefits at working at the Vault is basically being employed in a museum for pop culture – another of the highlights is getting to work with friends like Rockford Jay. Just a few minutes ago he burst into the office and asked to use my laptop – he pulled up this Famous Visitors commercial for Walmart, an extended cut that will be shown during this year’s Super Bowl. Right off the bat I found a grin spreading across the face at seeing the likes of not just some familiar space ships from film and television but a few famous visitors too.

Video and Article Images Provided by Walmart’s YouTube Channel.

Of course it isn’t like this is the first time that Walmart has dipped their toe into the vast pool of nostalgia that is pop culture – you might remember just last year the excellent commercial featuring some iconic film vehicles. I personally feel though with this Famous Visitors commercial that they chose some rather surprising franchises to represent in the ad. With a new Bill & Ted film on the way I can see them including a cameo by Alex Winter and thanks to the popularity of the LEGO films – you can see them adding Benny and Wyldstyle. However choosing a Spinner from 1982’s Blade Runner or the delightful Martians of 1996’s Mars Attacks! drew a small gasp from me.


Of my favorite moment from Walmart’s Famous Visitors commercial – it has to be the inclusion of Sam J. Jones, getting to once again reprise his character of Flash Gordon from that 1980 cult classic. And it appears that not only is the Hawkman rocket cycle still in operation but Flash has managed to bring along a few friends from their home in Sky City. Too bad Walmart wasn’t able to get the legendary‚Ķ and hopefully immortal‚Ķ Brian Blessed to have some fun as Prince Vultan, right?


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