When Evil Dead 2 was originally released back on March 13th, of 1987 I wasn’t lucky enough to catch it in a theater – and to be totally honest the same was true of the original in ’81. I wouldn’t become captivated by Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Bruce Campbell’s ‘cabin in the woods’ horror series until it hit VHS – in fact Evil Dead 2 was actually one of the first five videos I ever rented. So in fact I managed to see the reboot/sequel before the original film. When I am in the mood for horror however I generally put in that first movie – in particular the scene with Linda (Betsy Baker) sitting in the doorway after having been possessed creeps me out something fierce. Having said that though you just can’t deny the sheer grooviness and fun of Evil Dead 2 – not to mention the increased gore throughout the film. And if I am being honest with myself I do believe that the second film is better made overall – Raimi’s incredible camera work is even more unrestrained in the second go around.

Step 1: Hit Bruce Campbell Harder.
Step 2: See Step 1.

I also want to point out Campbell’s performance in the ’87 remake/sequel – as while his character of Ashley “Ash” J. Williams is still a bit of a coward – Evil Dead 2 is notable for being where he begins to change. It is in this film where we see the seeds of the swaggering buffoon and the only man who can truly put an end to the Deadite menace taking root.

Apparently CineFix back on October 28th of 2014, as an early Holiday treat released a homemade Evil Dead 2 trailer on YouTube. A shot for shot remake I should add of the theatrical trailer – just one that was produced on a significantly lower budget – which in my opinion makes it all the more fantastic.

Video and Article Image Provided by CineFix.

Now that you’ve been wowed by how well they did with the homemade trailer why not check out the side by side comparison?

Video Provided by CineFix.

In closing I want to give a huge shout out to Daniel XIII for the heads up on CineFix’s excellent shot for shot remake of the Evil Dead 2 trailer. Daniel is not only a friend of Pop Culture Retrorama and the Saturday Frights podcast but happens to be a prolific writer, producer and Director!

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