I am going to have be totally upfront with you on this bit of news, when waking up this morning the very last thing I expected to see was that Super7 were releasing two different action figures based on 1986’s My Pet Monster. While I am happy to say that the arcade proudly displays one of the plush dolls that was released by AmToy (American Greetings) in ’86 – it might not surprise you to learn that we have to explain to some of the younger Players who visit what the doll is. American Greetings is a name you might not be familiar with but they had a hand in a whole bunch of fondly remembered ’80s properties. The company which is known for it’s greeting cards also helped to create the likes of Holly Hobbie, The Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, The Get Along Gang, and Madballs to name just a few. In ’86 when they produced My Pet Monster it was designed for young boys – perhaps in response to Hasbro’s My Buddy doll?

Video Provided by Jeremy Noel.

One of the more memorable elements of My Pet Monster was that it featured orange hued plastic manacles – that could be ‘broken’ by the child’s monster or worn by a kid themselves. The line appears to have been produced until at least the early ’90s and created My Football Monster as well as My Monster Pet – the latter was like a furry version of Mattel’s Boglins series of hand puppets.

Video Provided by Action Figure Aficionado.

Apparently children enjoyed My Pet Monster enough that AmToys would produce other merchandise for the character – not action figures perhaps but coloring and story books, puzzles, in addition to a direct-to-video movie in ’86. While there was an animated series produced the following year by none other than Nelvana – it seems that Super7 through their ReAction figure line is going with the live action film. In which a young boy named Max Smith while visiting the local museum with his Sister Melanie finds himself transformed into a monster thanks to a series of monster statues on display. It is then up to Melanie and her older Brother Rod to keep Max out of the clutches of Dr. Snyder – who restored the monster statues in the first place and wants to capture Max and show him off as his latest discovery. Max does revert back to his human self but if he becomes hungry – you guessed it – he transforms back into a 5 foot tall blue furred monster.

Image Provided by Mike Scholes.

Super7 is offering two versions of the My Pet Monster action figure – one based off the plush doll design and the other being My Football Monster. As I understand it these figures are ONLY available on the Super7 site and will cost you $18 a piece.

Now I want to thank John Squires of Bloody Disgusting for the heads up on the My Pet Monster action figures. And to close this article, how about checking out that 1986 direct-to-video movie for yourself?

Video Provided by John Scholes.

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