The other day I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I woke up for work – a Loot Fright box had been delivered and it boasted a rather impressive assortment of goodies for this horror fan. Now Loot Fright is a service of Loot Crate that I joined last year and aimed at those of us who continuously choose horror as our genre of choice. I will be upfront and say that I joined Loot Fright in 2018 and the service has been slightly questionable – although reading online it definitely sounds like Loot Crate itself has had some financial troubles. I can at least say it appears on my end that they are doing their best to get those back orders shipped out in an attempt to catch up – for example the box I received yesterday was the September edition. The first thing out of the box was this impressive Alien Queen pencil sharpener -although as is mentioned on the Loot Fright card itself it totally works as just a bust of that dreaded Xenomorph royalty from LV-426!

The theme for the September Loot Fright box was “Die School Reunion” and at first I was wondering what 1986’s Aliens had to do with the school theme. Then I took a moment and read the information card that comes in a box – “Get ready to tell spooky tales out of school with exclusive collectibles and apparel celebrating modern and old school horror!”

Then it clicked that the school theme was a play on the word and it’s hard to not agree that Aliens is indeed old school Sci-Fi/Horror. I definitely believe the next item however is most assuredly tied to school – that is the It Chapter Two pencil case. If you’ve not had the pleasure of seeing the second chapter of Andy Muschietti’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s It – one of the most horrific scenes in my opinion involves a classroom.

Of course since we are dealing with Pennywise the Dancing Clown… it is always best to be wary of what lurks beneath Derry or even within a pencil case. There is no credit on the Loot Fright card for the artist responsible for this devilish looking Pennywise – I couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t provided by Travis Falligant though.

Now the third item in the September Loot Fright box was a T-Shirt inspired by the 1981 sequel to Halloween. I am afraid that there is no artist credited to the illustration of Michael Myers’ knife going to town on the skull encased pumpkin – but I will definitely be wearing it though when I catch Halloween Kills in 2020!

I have saved, in my personal opinion, the very best for last – an 8 pin set by Chris Wahl featuring the Halloween masks worn by the doomed passengers of the now infamous “Halloween School Bus Massacre”. Which was a segment featured in Michael Dougherty’s excellent anthology film Trick ‘r Treat – I was blown away by the box the pins came in – showing not just the school bus dipping below the water but the masks of the poor children floating up to the top.

Then of course you get a look inside – I won’t be wearing these beauties but I will definitely be putting them on display.

Remember the four rules of Halloween…

Trick ‘r Treat is a film I championed after only seeing the trailer back in 2007. It was an extremely long wait until I was finally able to catch it – not in theaters but on DVD when it was released in 2009, but it was totally worth said wait and has since become a film I make sure to watch every single October!

Video Provided by Movieclips Classic Trailers.

So there you have it, friends – a little rundown of what I found that Loot Fright had sent my way.

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