When Batman hit screens back in 1989, I just don’t think that folks were quite ready or aware of the levels of Batmania that were about to sweep the country. When it debuted on June 23rd of that year – for a comic book fan it was like a breath of fresh air. Do not get me wrong, there had been superheroes on the small screen that I loved as well as the first couple of Superman films. Batman was something different though as he was one of three of my favorite comic book characters growing up – the other two being Captain America and Captain Carrot. The merchandising blitz for Tim Burton’s take on the Dark Knight was in full swing just a week or two before the film was released, I should remember as I managed to snag T-Shirts, the novelization, and even an audio book before I caught the movie itself. Now if I am going to be absolutely honest I will admit that there are some things about the character of Batman that I question from the ’89 film… but it is still a film I cherish and watch at least once a year. All that talk about merchandising though was because what was produced and marketed for Batman Returns three years later… dwarfed the original film – even if it didn’t fly off the shelves like the previous movie… and managed to court some controversy from parent groups. One of the things I enjoyed most about the merchandising was the still awesome Batman Returns game for the Sega Genesis – although I will admit that I enjoyed the 1993 Super Nintendo Entertainment System even more.

Video Provided by Pixel Theater’s YouTube Channel.

Batman Returns for the SNES was produced by Konami, the game studio responsible for the likes of Frogger, Pooyan, and Time Pilot for the arcade to name a few. Konami was certainly no stranger to fantastic games for the home consoles either – with Castlevania, Contra, Gradius and many, many more. It was Konami who also produced the Batman Returns computer game which was released on December 15th of 1992 – the perfect time to attempt to cash in on the sequel. Here is the thing though… until I stumbled on it the other day I never knew there was a Batman Returns computer game – but after watching it in action I was incredibly impressed. While it appears there is a bit of combat to this game, it is more of a point and click adventure game – allowing the Dark Knight to live up to his title of World’s Greatest Detective. In addition after watching this Batman Returns the Computer Game longplay, I have to go on record and say that I really dig the covers of Danny Elfman’s music from the film too.

Video and Article Image Provided by Guy From Andromeda’s YouTube Channel.

What about you though, did you ever play the Batman Returns Computer Game back in the day?

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