For this brand new episode of the Diary of An Arcade Employee Podast we have a 1UP show – the subject of this episode is 1982’s Night Stalker, the classic maze shooter that was produced for Mattel Electronic’s Intellivision home console. As I mention in the show itself, the Intellivision was a console that found a lot of love in the household of my youth – in particular thanks to the home port of Data East’s Lock ‘n’ Chase as well as Night Stalker. The latter has a lot going for it and stands as a solid game even today. As usual I have done my level best to shine a spotlight on those talented individuals who helped to bring the game to life in addition to providing some interesting anecdotes about the game itself. I mention towards the end of the podcast that Night Stalker appears to be getting a new incarnation – courtesy of the Intellivision Amico console – which is set to debut in October of 2020. Here is the 2019 Gamescom trailer that not only shows off what this new Night Stalker might look like… but a few other classic Intellivision titles and even arcade game ports!

Video Provided by Intellivision’s YouTube Channel.

As always with the Diary podcasts, I give a rundown of how the game itself plays and have even provided some vintage audio treats for your listening pleasure. In addition I mention something odd that occurred with iTunes on the Asteroids episode of the podcast – it turns out that you might want to subscribe to make sure you are hearing the latest offering – as it took over a month for the last one to show up on the iTunes page. I really have no clue why that happened but I desperately hope that was just a one time occurrence.

Friends, I truly do appreciate you taking the time to listen the show and hope you enjoy Night Stalker.

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