Friends, things are starting to get hopping down here in the Pop Culture Retrorama Vault – as was shared on the latest Halloween Special of the podcast – the Vault Halloween party is about to begin. Working alongside the likes of the Projectionist… and his new… minions – we obviously all enjoy this time of the Season. But tonight is even more magical and while I will admit that I was shocked to see the Plague Rats handing out complimentary Halloween masks from the Silver Shamrock corporation – thankfully Rockford Jay alerted security and all of them were confiscated. You know, I have to be honest with you here and admit that I was under the impression the Silver Shamrock corporation had gone out of business 37 years ago… Anyway, the reason for this article is that Rockford has been keeping the Vault in the Halloween Spirit courtesy of his spooky song list – we’ve been listening to his picks all day. I felt you might need a little something to enjoy while you are out trick or treating with your Family or possibly getting ready to head out to a Halloween gathering of your very own. So for 2019 here are the top ten Halloween song picks courtesy of Rockford Jay and your friends from the Pop Culture Retrorama Vault!

Number 10: “Graveyard Rock” – Tarantula Ghoul & Her Gravediggers (1958)

Video Provided by Garyp1111‘s YouTube Channel.

Tarantula Ghoul was a late night horror host very much like Vampira – on the 1957 – 1959 House of Horror series, which was broadcast on Portland, Oregon’s KPTV station. This 1958 tune entitled “Graveyard Rock” was apparently the B-Side of a 45 rpm single with the A Side being “King Kong”.

Number 9: “Mr. Ghost Goes to Town” – The 5 Jones Boys (1937)

Video Provided by Dutch Blues Fan‘s YouTube Channel.

Here is a curios one indeed as there isn’t very much known about The 5 Jones Boys – although thanks to an article I found from Chris Bodenner of The Alantic, they were known for having no instruments in their songs – which is pretty evident from this wonderful little 1937 tune. It does appear however that Vic Mizzy (The Addams Family, Green Acres) composed a cover of “Mr. Ghost Goes to Town” for 1966’s The Ghost and Mr. Chicken!

Number 8: “Return of the Fly” – The Misfits (1996)

Video Provided by Blairly There‘s Youtube Channel.

Time to kick the party into high gear with this 1996 song by The Misfits – “Return of the Fly” which was featured on their album Static Age. Nothing wrong with a song that references the 1959 sequel to The Fly, right?

Number 7: “I Dig You Baby” – Bob McFadden (1959)

Video Provided by Max Mercury‘s YouTube Channel.

Here is a delightful as well as playful tune from the 1959 album Songs Our Mummy Taught us from 1959 – by Bob McFadden & Dor. McFadden is well known in pop culture thanks to his voice over work which included the like Frankenberry, Milton the Monster, and even numerous voices for the ThunderCats animated series such as Snarf, Slithe, and Captain Bragg among many others.

Number 6: “Monster Rap” – Bobby “Boris” Pickett (1984)

Video Provided by 9thWardJukeboxAnX‘s YouTube Channel.

I doubt that anyone in the World does not know Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s classic novelty song “The Monster Mash” but have you heard his “Monster Rap” tune? This is one that I was introduced to thanks to the amazing Dr. Demento radio show in my youth – while I do prefer the original I will admit this later song has definitely grown on my over the years.

Number 5: “The Monster Hop” – Bert Convy (1958)

Video Provided by Iggie Phil‘s YouTube Channel.

When Rockford Jay was playing his top ten Halloween Songs for 2019 over the Vault speakers this afternoon – this particular tune made me stop in my work – because I have not had the pleasure of every hearing this one before. After doing some research I was shocked to learn that this 45 rpm single featured another tune which was entitled “The Gorilla” and it was performed by Bert Convy – yes – the very same host of such game shows as Tattletales, Password Plus, and Win, Lose or Draw!

Number 4: “Soul Dracula” – Hot Blood (1975)

Video Provided by Auntie Soul‘s YouTube Channel.

All you groovy boils and ghouls need to get up and onto the dance floor with 1975’s “Soul Dracula” by Hot Blood from their album entitled Dracula & Co.. I have nothing to really add about this other than I wish the construction on the Vault roller rink was completed because this is the perfect song to skate to!

Number 3: “That Halloween Night” – (?)

Video Provided by Max Mercury‘s YouTube Channel.

We have something of a conundrum with this tune, my friends – as we have no information on who performed it or when it was released. I can at the very least say it is the perfect song for slow dancing – especially after finishing “Soul Dracula”!

Number 2: “Frankie and Igor At A Rock And Roll Party” – Bob McFadden (1959)

Video Provided by Max Mercury‘s YouTube Channel.

We have another Bob McFadden and Dor pick for the next to last top ten Halloween songs for 2019 – this humorous spoken word tune was also featured on the album Songs Our Mummy Taught Us!

Number 1: “Happy Halloween” – John Zacherle (1962)

Video and Article Image Provided by Henrik Berg’s YouTube Channel.

What a way to end this year’s top ten list for Halloween songs – with the iconic John Zacherle’s 1962 tune entitled “Happy Halloween” – from his album Monster Mash/Scary Tales! John Zacherle truly lived up to Dick Clark’s nickname for him – “The Cool Ghoul” – and was one of the most memorable horror movie hosts in my opinion. Zacherle or as he was also known depending on the era – Zacherley – produced numerous horror related singles such as the chart topping Dinner with Drac Pt. 1/Pt. 2 and four albums.

All right, friends – Rockford Jay just called to say the Vault Halloween party has started and that I need to shake a leg and get down to join the celebration. So from everyone here at Pop Culture Retrorama – we wish you all a very safe and Happy Halloween!

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