Friends, this particular Pop Culture Retrorama podcast is running a bit late to say the very least. The show today is all about 1980’s The Blues Brothers in addition to how the likes of Dan Aykroyd and the late and great John Belushi came up with the characters of Elwood and Jake Blues. In truth this show should have been out weeks ago but as I touch upon in the episode itself there was quite a bit of research to be done in addition to the fact there is a whole lot of stories that have been told about the making of this cult classic musical. That is what The Blues Brothers is by the way, sure there is comedy and some amazing car chases and a record breaking number of vehicle pile-ups – but at it’s heart this still amazing film is 100% a musical. If nothing else after listening to the podcast I hope I am able to help you see the light on that matter.

Thank you, Jake!

For this podcast on The Blues Brothers I delve into the rather interesting backstory of how John and Dan met and became friends – it might surprise you how long the basic idea of the characters were gestating in the mind of Aykroyd. I also discuss some of the hurdles the duo had to overcome before getting the chance to bring Jake and Elwood to the big screen – as mentioned in the show some of the mind-boggling troubles with the production of the film itself was revealed thanks to an amazing 2012 article I found from Vanity Fair by Ned Zeman. If you really want to learn about some of the more heavier aspects of 1980’s The Blues Brothers you owe it to yourself to read Zeman’s article.

As I always do with the Pop Culture Retrorama podcast – I have shared my personal connection to the subject matter. In this case when I first saw the film and my happy recollections of how my Father responded to the film’s humor. In addition I have provided a few brief clips from the film itself and even a little bit of audio goodness by way of the Blues Brothers band.

If you have any suggestions for topics you would like for us to cover in a future episode -or possibly you have comments on the current show itself, email them to me at You can also contact me on Facebook or even Twitter. Or perhaps check out the Pop Culture Retrorama Facebook page? There you can find posts a couple of times a day – featuring vintage commercials, comic book ads and toys.

The theme used at the beginning and ending of this episode was provided by Earl Green, if you enjoy his work, make sure to check out his exceptional spot on the internet – – let him know we sent you.

I want to thank you as always for taking the time to listen to the show – I would like to ask that if you do enjoy the podcast, help to spread the word to those you know who appreciate pop culture. I hope you will enjoy my discussion of The Blues Brothers!

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