For the amount of time I was lucky enough to write for the Retroist, almost a decade, I had the privilege to get to know and befriend an amazing amount of talented people. From fellow Authors whose calling is to discuss all things pop culture and retro related to having the pleasure of getting to call some amazing artists my friends – like Christopher Tupa, Jorge Baeza, and Travis Falligant to name a few. That last artist is the reason I am writing this article today, you see, for a little while Travis Falligant has been giving us a glimpse into a better World – one where Hanna-Barbera never stopped producing the Scooby-Doo series. A World similar to ours where the Mystery Inc. gang never ceased investigating the mysteries out there but found other cities and towns with local legends… that just didn’t turn out to be an angry old man in a mask but something much darker. While we may not be able to live in that alternate World, we can at the very least be thankful that Travis Falligant has created some wonderful artwork – Lost Mysteries as they were – gifting us episodes like “The Spooky Shape of Haddonfield”!

Travis Falligant - The Lost Mysteries - The Spooky Shape of Haddonfield
All Images Are Property of Travis Falligant and used by permission.

In all seriousness though, we horror fans have much to enjoy with Travis’ mash-up of Scooby-Doo and the gang of Mystery Inc. with modern horror icons. The likes of Friday the 13th, Night of the Demons, Fright Night, Chopping Mall, Sleepaway Camp, and A Nightmare on Elm Street and more films have become part of Travis Falligant’s Lost Mysteries art series. Since this is October a new selection of art has begun to appear, shared on the artist’s Twitter feed and Facebook page – like this episode of Scooby-Doo you might not recall entitled “The Haunted Doll Hang Up”.

Travis Falligant - The Haunted Doll Hang Up

There is also this Lost Mysteries offering where the Mystery Inc. gang find themselves traveling through Nevada, when Fred loses control of the Mystery Machine. Soon they find themselves in danger from the likes of some savages and worst of all… these folks who call the nearby hills home are also cannibals. All of this takes place in an episode known as “Jeepers! These Hills Have Peepers!”.

Travis Falligant - Title Image - Jeepers - These Hills Have Peepers

Although of the three recently released pieces of art, my favorite just so happens to be a sci-fi/horror/comedy that the Projectionist and myself have tackled on the Saturday Frights podcast – 1986’s Critters. I haven’t seen “Cripes! We Have Crites!” for myself but I’m guessing that the Mystery Inc. gang show up at the wrong time at the Brown farm – probably too late to save my good friend Billy Zane though.

Travis Falligant - Cripes - We Have Crites.jpg

Now the great news is you can hop on over to Travis Falligant’s official website – check out more of his artwork, visit his shop and grab some nice merchandise… especially those Lost Mysteries collectible pins. Speaking of those pins though – you need to head over to the official site this Friday at Noon est. so you can pre-order the latest collectible Lost Mysteries pin – The Creepy Case of Camp Crystal Lake! I wouldn’t be much of a monster kid if failed to point out that one of the greatest joys of these pins beyond the awesome artwork is THEY GLOW IN THE DARK!

Travis Falligant - Lost Mysteries -The Case of Camp Crystal Lake

A heartfelt and sincere thank you to Travis Falligant for letting us share some of his Lost Mysteries artwork with you – remember to pre-order your pin this Friday before they are sold out!

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