For every single one of us that enjoy things retro and pop culture related, these are pretty good times. Walking into the nearest Walmart, Target, or even a Barnes and Noble bookstore you might find all manner of toys and action figures focusing on comic book characters and video games. LEGO is no stranger to producing sets based on the likes of Star Wars, Batman, TRON, and historical constructions such as the Space Shuttle, the Apollo Saturn V rocket, and famous landmarks. Having said though, I was rather surprised when I walked into my local Barnes and Noble the other evening and came across this LEGO Flintstones set. If I could suddenly travel back to the past and tell my younger self that some day they would make a LEGO Flintstones construction set… I would think I was insane.

Something like that, Fred…

Very much like The Munsters and The Addams Family – when I was younger I was attracted to The Jetsons over The Flintstones. As I grew older I found that The Addams Family was more enjoyable and the same is true for Hanna-Barbera’s modern stone age Family. I certainly see why I initially enjoyed The Jetsons more – it was sci-fi comedy… there were flying cars aplenty and the awesome Rosie the Robot. Around the time I became a teenager I realized that with The Flinstones there was quite a bit more emotional moments – like with the birth of Pebbles or the adoption of Bamm-Bamm into the Rubble Family.

Video courtesy of Boomerang Official YouTube Channel.

In truth I kind of enjoy the Rubbles more than the Flinstones and while Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are not included in this particular LEGO Flintstones set – it is plain to see that LEGO didn’t skimp on some iconic elements of the show. Obviously the first thing you’ll notice from the front of the box is that the Flintstones’ home has been recreated – with a mailbox no less!

LEGO Flintstones - Pop Culture Retrorama
I received a very strange look from a clerk at Barnes and Noble
when I was taking these photos!

You can also remove the roof of the Flintstones’ home – which is located on 301 Cobblestone Way in Bedrock by the way. This allows you easier access to the the Flintstones’ living room. If there is anything I wish that could have been added to this particular LEGO set – it would be a few of the animal appliances… maybe a Pterodactyl record player? They did make sure to include a bowling ball and wooden container for pins for Barney and Fred to enjoy!

At the very least the LEGO Flintstones does offer a charming couch, TV set, woolly mammoth painting, and a lamp.

To say nothing of the Flintstones’ Family car – you know – the one powered courtesy of Fred’s two feet? Why as you can plainly see – LEGO was even thoughtful enough to provide a generous serving of Brontosaurus ribs!

If the LEGO Flintstones set is that perfect set for you, you can pick it up online at the official LEGO store for a mere $59.99… or possibly they will accept Bedrock’s clams… although I will have to admit I have no idea what the exchange rate for that would be.

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