On this latest episode of the Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast I tackle 1968’s The Banana Splits. That long running – at least in syndication – mix of live-action comedy skits with Hanna-Barbera animated shows that featured a charming cast of anthropomorphic musicians. In addition I attempt to explain how this classic and beloved television series was a key part of my youth – including sharing some of my memories of a certain Christmas where I received a Whitman coloring book.

Video courtesy of The House of Dracula – Monster Model Museum.

On this show, I do my best to provide you with some of the important behind the scenes facts on how Joseph Hanna and William Barbera were able to bring the show to life – with a helping hand by none other than Sid and Marty Krofft. In fact it’s fair to say that without The Banana Splits we never would have seen the likes of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters or even Land of the Lost.

Sorry, Sleestak – that last statement is totally true!

Surprisingly there is an amazing amount of legendary voice actors tied to The Banana Splits and I made a point on this show to give you a taste of the legacy of these actors – as well as peppering the show with some vintage audio treats for your listening pleasure. I even share my personal feelings on the upcoming horror reboot of The Banana Splits franchise… and while I will save final judgement until it’s actually released – I will tell you that I’m not too happy about what I have been hearing.

So without further ado, let us take a look at the fascinating history of The Banana Splits – here on the Pop Culture Retrorama Podcast!

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